What you say you did with your 20's/30's when you didn't do anything important or remotely useful but you have to explain now because someone asked
Lobocuda: "Man didn't someone tell me you were in prison back then?"

Tacobooco: "Nope...was in graduate school back then."

Lobocuda: "Ah ok, that's why I simultaneously remember you smelling horrible then but also that I never saw you...strange..."
by uncle fuckbucket October 24, 2018
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High School Graduation is the bipolar day for everybody. Everybody has mixed feelings about this day. Usually you are really happy because of all of the shallow bitches or fuckboys you don't have to deal with anymore, and feel a sense of revenge because they've wasted all of their time trying to manipulate you. But also you feel really upset because you know it's the day that represents the last time you hanging out with your friends and close people. Once it's all over you usually miss high school and wish you could go back to this day with everybody else.
High school graduation is the day where your life takes a huge turn, both for the better and the worse.
by unmanipulable February 8, 2018
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a lame dance party. Mainly consists of a bunch of sluts grinding each other in the middle of the dance floor and a bunch of random, sweat-soaked dudes trying to grind sweet innocent dancing girls. Lots of people are making out in the corner and the people who can't dance decide that they should dance. The popular people stand in the same spot and take pictures of themselves and their friends, while the fat-asses position themselves at the food table. Not funn at all. You should have stayed home.
Alyssa: Hey guys! Do you want to go to the middle school graduation dance?!
Taylor: Nah it looks LAME.
Slutty Girl: C'mon bitches, I wana go!!!!
by minty_fresh:) June 7, 2010
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