A future fat cute kitty who needs tender loving care.
Come here Come here Come here Come here Mojo, Come here Come here Come here fat Mojo, you are the cuttiest kitty ever! Let me give you a shower bath, you can sleep in my bed with me tonight!! ^__^
by JulieYan November 17, 2004
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The greatest youtuber alive check him out on youtube.com/channel/UCIsH9g6Q3Ico4sz76ls9moA
Mojo-Its hic snorlax, snorlax
by AkitoStreams June 16, 2017
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Usually Central American males who come to the US and go to high school. They are usually located in the DFW area. They go to high school wearing some really tight jogger pants and nasty Chicago bulls shirt and wearing some really ugly snap backs. They usually use slangs such as “maje” “sipote” and “cerote”. They wear ugly Mohawks with a lot of hair gel usually gorilla snot.
Aye yo he’s wearing an ugly ass SnapBack
“Oh fuck that must be a mojo”.
by The fly guy October 31, 2018
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A slang term for Speed, the drug. Used by street kids and the homeless.
Bum: "Hey man I'm jacked up on Mojo!"
by Sharon July 10, 2003
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An alcoholic beverage served to sailors in the Philippines, which is a concoction of all the different booze in the bar, mixed with fruit juices and ice, and comes in a big pitcher.
Sam: Man! This Mojo sure taste great, but I have killed most of this pitcher by myself and I don't feel a damned thing!

Dave: Oh yeah. Wait till you try and stand up to go take a leak.

Sam: Whoaooo! Holly Shit! Dude! I am totally fucking WASTED!!!
by popeye1369 October 31, 2010
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A super awesome chick that loves:
- a certain economics teacher named Patrick aka DLS
- Eric Banana
- eBay
- starfishes
- Darren Hayes
- vampires
- and many other sweet things

Also known as "LOTR ho", "My Zombie" and "DV".
Get your mojo on with Patrick.
by Panda April 7, 2005
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One word:


Ok that's two words and an exclamation mark but you get the point. This guy kicks ass! He is pure bass! He plays bass in the band Repeat and is known for his vegetarianism.
Hey look at Mojo's fingers play that bass!
by Biblo February 15, 2005
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