he's an amazing dog. He listens very well, a great dog a cuddle with, loving, and loves attention. He's handsome and a very unique dogs. He's very funny and goofy, you will definitely laugh. He loves to sleep and be with people; if you would leave him for a little bit, he would be upset. He is a big log, a big teddy, bear and takes up all the room; he's very hungry and caring. Mojo would do anything for his family. He's adventurous and outgoing; loves going to new places. He may seem like a scary dog, he's actually a nice, calm pupper. He is a type of a dog for a shoulder to lean on. You would just love him way too much and would never let go of him. He's the best thing that ever happened on earth. Everyone should have a mojo in there life because you would definitely count on it.
girl: "Good boy, Mojo!"
Mojo: "Ruff! Ruff!"
by BrownnnSugaaaaa July 21, 2018
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a person who possesses rare knowledge or extremely skilled with a subject or activity. This person is usually very deft at explaining complex subjects or ideas with ease and simplicity. Well coordinated or gifted with a talent.
The new professor in the physics dept is the mojo.

That woman is a mojo at badminton.

Stuart killed me at Jenga, he is a mojo.
by xpez August 20, 2007
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A helper monkey who appeared on Simpsons, episode 5F15 titled "Girly Edition" (original air date: 19th of April, 1998). Spawned a small 'Mojo the monkey' fanbase.
Stop that! You're a helper monkey! This isn't helping!
-- Homer, "Girly Edition"
by evan March 05, 2005
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weed and rock cocaine mixed together in a blunt wrap
Me my boys got zooted smokin a phat mojo before the concert
by zany Zane September 17, 2007
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(noun) A toilet paper tube stuffed with sheets of fabric softener, used to cover the smell of marijuana smoke. The inhaled marijuana smoke is exhaled through the mojo.
If we don't use a mojo, this room will reek of pot.
by logos November 16, 2002
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Term used in South Texas to describe illegal immigrants from mexico. The women have their children over here and overpopulate our schools. You can find them working without papers at mexican resteraunts and the men are usually helping contractors uilding houses somewhere. They don't speak english and many of them send money back to mexico to the family they left.
See those 5 mojos inside that '83 Silverado?
by jedijen October 06, 2005
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music magazine that is aimed at a more alternative audience its not like smash hits! (crappy mass produced pop shit grr!) good free CD's as well!also apreciates that music from before 1995 is actually great!
perso 1:MOJO's got a free punk CD this week that rocks!
person 2: yeah dude no chance of britney spears sneakin in there unlike top of the pops!
by Cpt, B May 16, 2006
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