Is a small man with a small penis who lives in Columbia SC and hogs up and ruins the rants and raves page on Craigslist with his anger of dark skinned males with big penises who can dance and have good sex.
A mojo is one who resembles, in every way,Rush Limbaugh's secret twin brother who lives in a trailer/mobile home (not even a "double wide.") They have been making love to their mother since the age of 10 and they only orgasm when a woman talks about how small and pink their penis is... just like their mom used to do.
by f.f.s. October 28, 2014
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music magazine that is aimed at a more alternative audience its not like smash hits! (crappy mass produced pop shit grr!) good free CD's as well!also apreciates that music from before 1995 is actually great!
perso 1:MOJO's got a free punk CD this week that rocks!
person 2: yeah dude no chance of britney spears sneakin in there unlike top of the pops!
by Cpt, B May 16, 2006
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weed and rock cocaine mixed together in a blunt wrap
Me my boys got zooted smokin a phat mojo before the concert
by zany Zane September 17, 2007
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Mojo is good feelings. It also means make out jack off.
We are not having sex, but we had some good mojo. I named my boat the "mojo" because Guy has good mojo moves.
by Imalwaysbetterthanguy May 30, 2017
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a dirty mexican that stinks like shit and wears makeup and dances vanda
omg that fucking vanda is gay - fucking mojos
by Ish September 28, 2004
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A mexican who thinks hes the shiii, the kind that will come up behind you and slap your ass
Did you see what that mojo just did to that girl?
by Jazzuhmen May 27, 2008
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