1.When someone is in the act of fornicating or giving fellatio on the low.
I was sneakin with that neaky from the party last night.
by RealLingo101 April 29, 2015
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When you cannot tell whether someone is physically attractive or ugly because they seem like they should be considered both.
"Dude, I can't tell if that girl is hot or ugly..."
"Me neither, bruh! That bitch is sneakin' and fleekin'."
by Yung Sav September 15, 2015
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A vegetarian that still gives blow-jobs.
Bob: It sucks that's she's vegan, man.
Larry: It's cool. She's a sneakin' vegan.
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
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this defines an action performed by a man who constantly checks out his newly shaved arms and or legs in different positions, mostly flexing, while carrying on a conversation with others and trying to be discreet about it.
Did you see Drew talkin' to Mandy last night?
Yeah, she said she couldn't stop laughin cause he was sneakin a smooth peek the whole time.
What a douche!
by freewonderman August 26, 2009
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when you have hard nipples, as if you were hiding m&m's in your shirt.
It was cold out, so i asked Nick if he was sneakin M&ms.
by Justin To December 09, 2007
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when someone is sneakin around or being sneakin
nolan do be sneakin tho
by pissboi99 March 04, 2021
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Used when knowledge of a significant other's infidelity is unknown.
Jim: "Hey, did you know your wife was sneakin'-on-ya-meat?"
Billl: "Yeah, I came home thinking she was cooking macaroni and cheese. I was wrong"
by Bill Billingsworth August 26, 2021
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