1 - The absolute, unwilling and unfailing behavior to never pick a side on any issue, up to, and including, purposefully defending people, places, things and concepts from criticism from friends, colleagues, family, strangers and that one guy, even if said criticism is 100% warranted and valid.

2 - Cowardice couched as thoughtful politeness.

3 - Bland to the point of being sickly.

See also Travis Beagell
"I'm sorry is Trav saying he is not milktoast? I'm glad I'm not so self deluded."
by imabastardman April 21, 2021
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“Holy that guys white”
“He probably sweats cows milk he’s such a milktoast
by Gferda July 6, 2023
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A word used to describe a person (or anything else, really) which has little to no character.

While many disagree, some people say that Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up comedy is fairly milktoast.

Since she doesn’t want to offend anyone, she is sooooo milktoast.
by Bich Phuc Dat May 11, 2019
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A derogatory term used against a white person, one with possibly very white skin or exibiting traits commonly associated with being "white".
Chad: I did the worm at the dance last night!
Lance: Whatta milktoast you are.
by P.E.P. October 1, 2006
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A game where a bunch of guys gather around a piece of bread and masturbate upon it. The last man to cum, must then eat the aforementioned piece of bread.
We played Milktoast at Jimm's birthday party, and his brother Billy was gunshy, so he ate it.
by Bill Gates May 21, 2003
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a sexual fetish where semen is ejected onto a patch of pubic hair on the milktoastee, rubbed into a lather, and licked up by the milktoaster.
"James wanted to milktoast me, but to his disdain I had shaved the previous day."
by G. Oulash Crompton September 23, 2009
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A wimp of a man, who won't stand up to his wife.
She is so controlling, but thank God, she is married to a Casper Milktoast, who only says , "Yes, Dear. Anything you say, Dear."
by Jibbie July 10, 2003
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