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Typical white hoe: "Hi, I'd like one white mocha venti ugg boot iphone 6s squad goals frappucino please."
Dyllan: "Yo that shit milky as fuuuuuuuck."
by whitefox68 June 05, 2016
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to fill a bong with smoke to the point where it looks like "milk"
damn that bong is milked
by milk maker June 07, 2005
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some one who has really light skin and light hair. Its a nickname. It's from the milky bar kid the chcocolate.
hey Milky , You ok?
by little_bob26 April 02, 2009
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A slang word for babymilk (breast OR bottle)used when talking to your baby -
" would you like some milkies now bub?"
by Twizzi February 17, 2009
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1. An incredibly attractive Caucasian female.

2. A freakin' hottt white chick.

3. Dayum!
Dude 1: "Damn that's milky!"

Dude 2: "Where?"

Dude 1: "That white chick!" *points*

Dude 2: DAYUMMM.
by Sally P. March 22, 2010
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