Typical white hoe: "Hi, I'd like one white mocha venti ugg boot iphone 6s squad goals frappucino please."
Dyllan: "Yo that shit milky as fuuuuuuuck."
by whitefox68 April 19, 2016
to fill a bong with smoke to the point where it looks like "milk"
damn that bong is milked
by milk maker June 7, 2005
1. An incredibly attractive Caucasian female.

2. A freakin' hottt white chick.

3. Dayum!
Dude 1: "Damn that's milky!"

Dude 2: "Where?"

Dude 1: "That white chick!" *points*

Dude 2: DAYUMMM.
by Sally P. March 22, 2010
Milky is the milk carton that appears in the video for Blur’s Coffee and TV, which was created by Garth Jennings for Hammer & Tongs.
The video starts with the milk carton sitting on a table in a house, the phone rings and a young girl answers it, Graham Coxon is still missing, and the milk carton decides to take it in his own hands, and look for Graham Coxon on his own. Apparently the author of this video cried the first time they saw the video in full, so you have been warned.

(for more info see www.milkyfan.com)
Because Milky rules!!!
by panpan May 4, 2006
Oh baby, you're all milky. My milky.
by elibda November 17, 2007
Slow witted person, very stupid,
To have no sex appeal or sex drive,
normally works for a very little pay rate
you are so milky,
shes milky i want someone hot and horny,
i cant pay u much can u be milky and work for fries?
by kinga-da-hill April 22, 2003
to get ones little dick out and cry.
oi, my boyfriend last night, got his dick out last night, put it in a jonny, and wept his little eyes out, what a milky!
by awegqwrg January 22, 2009