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Typical white hoe: "Hi, I'd like one white mocha venti ugg boot iphone 6s squad goals frappucino please."
Dyllan: "Yo that shit milky as fuuuuuuuck."
by whitefox68 June 05, 2016
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to fill a bong with smoke to the point where it looks like "milk"
damn that bong is milked
by milk maker June 07, 2005
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To scam your friends of money by telling subtle lies and making them feel sorry for you.

To pull a milky, you must slowly milk your friends of their money over a long period of time - ensuring that you can milk as many friends as possible at once.

People who milky tend to hate dogs and have favoritism towards cats.
Craig totally pulled a milky on Vitalik the other day when he told him about Roger stealing his idea and now his investment was going to zero.

Craig also admitted to having split personalities, one with the name of "Satoshi" - and Vitalik felt so sorry for Craig that he gave him enough money to buy a new lambo.
by BearsAreFun January 03, 2019
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A slang word for babymilk (breast OR bottle)used when talking to your baby -
" would you like some milkies now bub?"
by Twizzi February 17, 2009
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some one who has really light skin and light hair. Its a nickname. It's from the milky bar kid the chcocolate.
hey Milky , You ok?
by little_bob26 April 02, 2009
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1. An incredibly attractive Caucasian female.

2. A freakin' hottt white chick.

3. Dayum!
Dude 1: "Damn that's milky!"

Dude 2: "Where?"

Dude 1: "That white chick!" *points*

Dude 2: DAYUMMM.
by Sally P. March 22, 2010
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