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Giving somebody a blowjob with any kind of chewing tobacco in your mouth. Either giving or receiving is considered a trav.
Melanie pulled Tyler's pants down, put a dip in, then traved his dick until he was buzzed.
by T-rave Murrhaye January 03, 2014
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Term used to describe particuarly daft cunts. The word comes from the founder and head of the Proffessional Daft Cunt Association (PDCA) Andrew Travers. The use of the word Trav in popular culture is fairly recent after recent daft events involving a snowball and a toddler's eye.
I just fucked up my whole life, Ah what a Trav I am.
by Travs Mam January 02, 2011
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a word consisting of both the definitions, tramp and chav.
PERSON 1# she's such a chav.
PERSON 2# she's more of a tramp.
PERSON 1# she's just a trav.
by LBlakezz January 09, 2010
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Why is he staring at my trolls? Because hes a T-rav!
by Erik February 02, 2005
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was at the center of time and space.
he was there when the universe was birthed
he is the biggest of the ridges
milk powder, that's processed! :trav 2019
by salty soviet September 01, 2019
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