30 definitions by Bill Gates

A poorly engineered and poorly designed computer made by apple, it has been proved that only 3% of all emacs will ever successfully play a whole dvd while the other 97% will either freez, or pretend that the disc has not been cleaned, the only reason why the emac is considered to be the best computer in the world is because it has less cord, also see white shit box pooltoy or bill clinton
yo dude isn't that one of the original 1943 game boy's?
Nah man this is an emac
by Bill Gates September 6, 2004
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also see spankercheif: sock inteded for use on foot, placed over the penis to catch semen while spanking the monkey
Harry placed his milksock over his cock while beating off.
by Bill Gates October 21, 2003
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A game where a bunch of guys gather around a piece of bread and masturbate upon it. The last man to cum, must then eat the aforementioned piece of bread.
We played Milktoast at Jimm's birthday party, and his brother Billy was gunshy, so he ate it.
by Bill Gates May 21, 2003
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a femaale who gets a 68% grade on a computer assignment and spends all nite going over her assignment, only to realize that the teacher forgot to mark an entire section, thus getting her mark bumped up to a 92%
Elaine is nerdi-nerd-nerd.
by Bill Gates December 1, 2003
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a very very very very very good friend, such as a great friend only without having to say great, or very multiple times
deserves hug--> (hug)
tom green, you are a goodly friend, only because you are so funny and are in such films as, "Freddy got fingered" and "road Trip"
by Bill Gates September 6, 2004
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the biggest number. a google has 1 and 100 zeroes after it. a googleplex has a 1 and google zeroes after it
googleplex wiser than einstein
by Bill Gates September 14, 2003
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Dude, your not like Harjit!
by Bill Gates December 30, 2004
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