the worm is a guy's morning wood.
In our pod, the first guy who wakes up and wants to take care of his morning wood, dick-slaps another cadet awake with the worm and says "Suck dick!"
by eda-skip November 07, 2021
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A break dance that involves the person getting on the floor (stomach down) and moving in a curvy wave sort of like how a worm moves, hence the title.
Also called "the centipede".
Did you see Ed S. do the worm in the cafeteria? He must've gone 20 feet down the place!
by Smkngmgc June 20, 2004
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Dark,depressing,negative,and evil thoughts that cause change in emotion and personality.They are delusions inside someone's mind and leads them to act in violent,anti-social and psychotic ways.
When The Worms ate into Pink's brain,it began his transformation to the Neo-Nazi dictator shown during "In The Flesh","Run Like Hell",and "Waiting For The Worms"
by BehindTheWall June 23, 2009
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A "bikelife" person that says they all "bikelife" but really isn't. Often makes accuses for riding. Like a poser.
Person one (dom): "Bikelife shit man we around word!"
Person two (real bikelife): "Oh damn ok, let's go to mcdonalds."
Person one (dom): "Yeah, I really want mcdonalds, I'm gonna call my mom."
Person two (real bikelife): "man, fuck outta here, you just a WORM."
by oneway_corey January 21, 2018
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Typically used in the pedal bike community for someone who can’t wheelie or do combos. But is also used in a sarcastic way sometimes
Corey you a worm
by Njb July 30, 2018
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