A method used by game developers, especially in hyper casual mobile games, where a game will be free to download, however users gain an unfair advantage by paying for in-game currency which normally is relatively hard to get. Sometimes games implement an in-game currency that's only obtainable by paying, whose only use is to be converted to a different currency which can then be used to buy items in the game. This is a very common trick where developers abstract money into in-game currencies so players are distanced from the consequences of buying it.

These tricks are most commonly used in games by companies instead of indie games since they rely on making money and for the most part don't care about the quality of their games.

While this trick being very known and frowned upon by the gaming community, developers still manage to trick enough people into paying in their games to keep their business going.
by March 2, 2019
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A pay-to-win or pay-to-play method that game companies use to make the consumer's wallets burn.
Jake was so irritated with the microtransactions in the game that he was playing so he decided to install an apk that would give him free coins and free diamonds.
by EspuressoTheCoffee August 9, 2017
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A form of payment to an online service or game, often dealing in small amounts to make you spend more over a period of time.

Often used by "Free" mobile games that become impossible to play unless you spend money .
The game had the potential to be great, but the developers couldn't resist putting microtransaction in that made it impossible to play without paying money.
by FR057F1R3 May 8, 2019
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Pay - to win in gaming
Damn payday 2, MGSV and Forza 6 all have fucking microtransactions wtf is next
by GUNTER9K December 17, 2015
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when you have sexual intercourse and/or ejaculation while having a micropenis
Johnny came over last night and gave me some good microtransactions with his tiny dick
by Karab okama December 1, 2020
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A Hero of London who tragically fell after he warped someone through a wall while charging to rob a bank
Baron microtransaction is my idol
by _Jumbo_Jimbo_ January 5, 2021
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