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An excuse to avoid people you don't wanna see during the Corona pandemic.
Girl: I'm not doing anything today.. so bored...
Me: Wanna hangout?
Girl: oh....Umm I'm social distancing right now.....

*Girl posts on story with her and a group of people later*
by Karab okama March 18, 2020
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Used by characters in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" to describe someone who is a vegan, demasculinized, beta male, cuckold.

You typically associate these guys with vegans, hipsters, man buns/man ponies, typical beta male. The type of guy you'd cuckold and he would like it.
Get your hands off me, you soy boy beta cuck! I will never get a man pony!
by Karab okama July 19, 2020
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when you eat a girl out who has a nice patch of carpet downstairs
yeah, that girl did not shave at all... I turned into a carpet cleaner last night
by Karab okama December 12, 2020
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When two people are having a conversation and you don't really contribute anything, you just kind of feed off of it. Sometimes even through eavesdropping.
Guy 1: Did you see the new marvel movie?
Guy 2: Yeah that was pretty sick!
3rd wheel: Hey me too!

Guy 1 and guy 2: -_- dude stop convo 3rd wheeling
by Karab okama August 11, 2019
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A cave that a man creature crawls into to masturbate, he rarely leaves, only to get food
"Anyone see Josh? Haven't seen him all day..."

"Yeah he's in his fap dungeon..."
by Karab okama January 7, 2021
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Random Crazy Laughter:

When you suddenly outburst into laughter after thinking about something funny that had happened recently. People usually give you weird stares as you fumble to explain your sudden laughter.
I was at work yesterday when I thought of that joke the other night and had a total RCL.
by Karab okama July 18, 2017
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When someone is attractive in-person but is not photogenic whatsoever.
Guy: Hey check out my new girl!
Friend: She's not even hot...
Guy: No, trust me! She's in-person hot!
by Karab okama August 11, 2019
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