when u have a really small dick
hey step bro lets fuck

omg what is that step bro u have a tiny dick
by cowboiiii November 1, 2020
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it is a dick but tiny
ew you have a tiny dick
by ame with e October 15, 2019
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Lmao bro you've got such a tiny dick, how many inches is it? 8? 10?
by Cox Ucker 8=D December 11, 2018
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A man who obviously wants everyone he meets to immediately think he has a very large penis. This is because he is very poorly endowed and lacks any shred of self confidence.
A man suffering from Tiny Dick Syndrome (also called TDS) will take his shirt off at the slightest excuse, walk with his biceps flexed at all times, wear sunglasses inside, and brag about how many women he's supposedly slept with at every opportunity. He also drives a very large truck and will gravitate towards anything that will outwardly increase his status while leaving him inwardly an empty husk of a man (with a tiny penis). You will find victims of TDS pretending to have fun at frat parties, having loud conversations with their friends in public, and weeping over their wasted lives when they've had too much to drink. The slightest insult will either shatter their false confidence and leave them a whimpering wreck, or send them into a rage of overcompensation that ends with them challenging everyone in the room to some sort of contest.
by DarthDesolus April 23, 2010
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When you have a really small penis, but you think it is huge
Israel claimed that he had a big cock, but when Sarah tried to blow him she realized that it was only 3 inches, she then exclaimed, Israel you are Mr. Tiny Dick. Israel was Mr. Tiny dick because he thought he had a big dick, but is was only 3 inches long.
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An extremely small small dick. Something that is so small it can't even be seen by the strongest telescope. So small that it would always win any tiny dick contest.
YO, that nigga has a mega tiny dicK!!!!!!!!!

Haha I feel bad for that guy. He has a mega tiny dick!
by Tactical Titty Teen July 26, 2010
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