Short for Independent Games. These are games partially or (mostly) fully developed by unofficial game developers.
Hey! check out these indie games I got from the xbox marketplace!!!

Portal is such a cool indie game!!!
by koobz December 18, 2008
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Video games that are developed/created by a single person or a small team. They are usually more unpopular than the "bussinessy" games (ex. Minecraft, FIFA, Fortnite, etc.). In my opinion, it's quite an underrated genre of video games, as video games we're made to be fun and creative, not as a serious business, driven by money.
They also have a very active Fandom, in my POV I see that the Indie Games HAVE the most active Fandom than the businessy games.

Examples of Indie Games: Omori, Undertale, Deltarune, Yume Nikki, etc.
Gamer: I love games!
Indie Gamer: Me too!
Gamer: You like Minecraft?
Indie Gamer: Noo.. I like Indie Games!
Gamer: wut
by A regular handle February 16, 2023
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