"Pay-to-win" or "P2W", is a pejorative term for a game that offers any advantage that can be obtained faster or exclusively via commercial transactions over gameplay rewards or the impact of the player's own performance.

This market practice is seen negative because it destroys the sportiveness of games, rewarding mediocre players who look for an easy way to beat the competition or the challenge, instead of promoting fair play.

Imagine, for example, an Archery competition where the archers could optionally buy the right to use laser-dot scope aims in their bows Every archer would look to exploit that artificial advantage, instead of actually improving themselves at the sport.
Don't even downloaded that pay-to-win game. I rather save that money for real games.
by reedestofreeds July 19, 2022
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Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying.
Dude, you've spent like 400 bucks on this game so you can beat everyone who hasn't spent any money. Pay-to-win noob!
by Icupeverynite February 7, 2011
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The sad proof that gaming is in its most dead and soul-less state so far.

Several games nowadays have the option to pay real money to enhance the experience of the player, often frustrating him unless he pays up.

Good ways to milk players of the money they thought they wouldn't spend in the game include: energy bars that reduce the time he can devote to his game, huge timers that need to be reduced for the player to be able to continue his journey, better gear to deal with players that don't want to pay, and, the most common one, the existence of a currency in the game that can't be earned without your credit card.

Pay-to-win is sadly increasing everywhere, from small games on Kongregate to medium-sized browser games such as Epic Duel, to the larger games where you need to pay to unlock certain features, such as Injustice and Mortal Kombat.
Zynga is the ultimate pay-to-win Empire. I am yet to find a game of theirs where they don't try to reach for my pocket.
by Carlão the Pimpslayer September 23, 2015
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Being a noob who cant get his/her own skills, so they pay real money that skilled players would rather not waste to get an unfair advantage that should not be there
(Most Online Games With MicroTransactions Here) is such a pay-to-win game! I spent hours grinding for the PTS Sword when he bought one for like 20 bucks instantly!
by The 8-Bit Gamer April 10, 2016
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Any game policy where specific content needed to win is locked behind pay walls. Forcing people to pay, in order to access said content. While none can gain access to the content though other in game methods (combat, trading, etc)
Well it would be pay-to-win, if you couldn't kill him and take it.
by MortVent September 9, 2016
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Buying something that gives a big advantage over others.
Hello! I just bought this mega huge gun for 500000 pounds!
Did you just pay-to-win that?
by SubIeveI February 18, 2023
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Random guy: OMG! DCU Online is is FREE TO PLAY!
Day one purchaser: God fucking damnit
Random skeptic: You mean pay-to-win, right?
by Flash Dude December 15, 2011
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