Beautiful people of color ,especially from the black race
Oh! Look my (melinated) friend is coming.
by Nalique December 10, 2017
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When playing Call of Duty 4, a person called Mel sends an online invite to join the deathmatch... and then she fucking annihalates you and tells everyone about it the next day at work, totally humiliating you in the process
Geoff: "Shit, she has totally Melinated me again"
Toni: "Who the fuck is Mel, Geoff, you two-timing bastard"
Geoff: "No.. she.. well.."
Toni: "I hate you"
Geoff: "You are sooo getting a drudge budgeoning tonight!"
by John Lidgley May 23, 2008
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(Pronounced Meh-leen-eh) Meline is a very beautiful girl with a big heart. The definition of Armenian beauty, Meline has a stunning, curvaceous body and a heart stopping smile.

She's what is known as a "makur axchik"
She is short and sweet. Meline is very generous and selfless and takes loyalty very seriously. In your time of need, Meline will be your shoulder to cry on and your biggest support. She is very emotional and empathetic and everyone she encounters adores her. She draws people in with her good vibes, good nature and vibrant energy. Meline is very maternal and is very good with children and animals and often gets excited when she sees BUMBLEBEES.

Despite her naturally big heart and sweet nature, Meline isn't a desirable enemy. If someone upsets someone she loves she's likely to make your life a misery.
Guy: "damn axper, you seen that beautiful chick?"

Other: "yeah bro that's Meline. She's gotta a hella good vibe"
by narehaxchik November 9, 2018
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A smart girl who loves to party! She is most likely a cheerleader or a gymnast so she is very flexible and amazing in bed. She loves attention and will do anything for it. She's stubborn but can be soft and sweet when you get to know her. She's beautiful and hilarious and can always make you smile! She loves to have fun and she will go to great lengths to show you a good time. She's very social too. If you ever come across a Melin, always remember she's a keeper!
"A girl with a booty? That's Melin!!"
by niracalyak January 6, 2015
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three very hot females, who rebel against the man (moms) and always have fun together
DAMN!! i nearly creamed when i saw them melinators dawg, fa reall
by meliMELImeli September 10, 2006
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The religion Melinism refers to worship of the goddess Melanie. Only devout followers such as high priest Bryan may even lay their eyes upon her beauty without bursting into flames.
“O’ Goddess Melanie, bless thee power upon thy servants of thee religion Melinism, grant us fortune and love eternal”
by Mod1954 July 29, 2022
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An alien from the planet Sweden who was sent to earth with the mission of destroying humanity. However, Erik failed his mission when he fell in love with the human's trampoline contraption, he now spends his days jumping on his beloved trampoline. His race consists only of Drunks and Computer Geeks.
Erik Melin: Are you guys drunkards or computer geeks?
by Mawfles July 7, 2009
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