Mel. A person who cares for you more than anyone else in the whole wide world. Throws colour into your life. Makes you believe in yourself. The world is a better place with a Mel 🦋
by Peaches__A July 9, 2017
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Mel is a name for a girl (possibly a nickname) who is very artistic, kind, loyal, and caring eith in a close relationship. Mel will always be there to comfort you. Mel's can or may possess traits of blue eyes, brown or red hair, and curves. She will usually only access you as a friend if you are loyal. An introvertwhen you first meet her, but a total extrovert when she gets comfortable. Mel's tend to be great listeners and are great at keeping secrets. They are also good at hiding how they really feel.
"Mel is the greatest friend possible! Why wouldn't I want to talk to her?
by soariin June 19, 2017
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As close to perfect as a person can be.
"Damn, did you see that girl Mel go by?"
"Heck yeah rubber ducky, she's freaking amazing."
by NerdBagelSupreme September 20, 2017
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The most amazing girl anyone could ever know, she's funny, cute, will make you laugh, simply... She will just make you the happiest person if you are to date her. She has had rough times in her past and still always has rough times to deal with so treat her like she is your princess because she deserves it. She never lies to you so do the same to her or you are just asking to end the relationship you have with her. It's easy to talk to a Mel just because how much you will find you have in common with her. She doesn't even have to try to make you feel like a king, just talking to her will make you believe you are the luckiest person alive. A person such as her is extremely rare, so if you find her, know that she is a one of a kind gal and you should do everything you can to stay together no matter how far away you live from each another. I will give one warning, don't look in her beautiful light eyes, if you do you might fall in love. You will spend hours upon hours talking and just chilling then looking at the clock and being amazed by how much time has gone by because time flies when your in a great mood. Her voice is sweet and amazing which is where her name "Melody" comes to play, she knows how too look sexy, and loves to look sexy. She will wear a thong just because "It's sexy". Don't take these things lightly, she is also a savage beast not to be messed with.
Taco friend: "Bro, are you dating a Mel????"
Bro: "HELL YEAH I AM, can't believe someone like her even exists, it's amazing"
Taco friend: "YOU LUCKY SOB!!!!!"
by Snickers69420YOLO December 31, 2016
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Classy but Misunderstood.
People judge her harsh by her appearance but deep down she's a next door type chick and very classy!
I believe that Mel is just misunderstood although she's a classy lady!
by wonderwondermonkey August 23, 2014
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As close to perfect as humanly possible. Smart, funny, kind, loving, super cute, and incredibly good-looking. Mel's tend to be a little on the short side, but make up for it with a fiery attitude and buckets of charisma. They often take blows hard, and can be targeted by others out of jealousy, but they can give as good as they get. Nothing can keep a Mel down for long. Although sometimes seen as weird, they are full of energy, and are always looking for fun. Mel's represent the best in humanity, yet don't see their own brilliance. Mel is the cutest person you could ever find.
A: Hey, see that cute girl?
B: You mean Mel?
A: I knew she had to be a Mel! Too good for mortal men...
by Crimson Stick August 28, 2017
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Rollo: I was just talking to Mel she's interesting. She likes pickles and has a cat.
by RRichter October 20, 2021
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