A device which connects your penis to your ass. The prime adjective of this device is to allow a stream of your own urine to flow directly into your own anus. The feeling is both pleasurable and sensational.
Yo DC, quit hogging the contraption. I wanna pee in my own ass too!
by Ian and Shawn July 28, 2006
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To create something in a haphazard and improvisational manner.
"Its not like I can just go into my workshop and contrapt you a personal robot assistant overnight--these things take several months of delicate work."
by Christopher Kaiser June 07, 2005
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1) The period of time needed to familiarize oneself with a new electronic device.
2) Often, a period of extreme anxiety and frustration stemming from one's need to learn a lot of technical information in a short to non-existent period of time.
1) "I'm sorry, Joe. I won't be in to work today. I'm exhausted from staying up all night learning how to use my new i-phone and am suffering this morning from a bad case of contraption adaption."

2) "I'm now limiting my persuit of new e-toys to only those gadgets with a low level of contraption adaption."

3) The salesguy said: "If you buy this new Mac laptop today, I guarantee you'll start using it today." "Yeah, sure", I said. "I'll BET there's no contraption adaption for THIS machine!"
by Juan O'Malley July 22, 2009
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Any device or technology that is too complicated to successfully operate. A modern version of a Rube Goldberg device.
That widget is so multi-contraptional, it'll never work.
by Wayne Jones September 02, 2005
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when you wipe your bum with a hedgehog
Use an ass contraption to wipe your ass is when you use a hedgehog touch surface to wipe that raggity shit stains from your ass
by Hintonater November 22, 2017
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a penis to be exact.
a man can piss out of it.
when a man ejaculates he can eject semen like substances out of it.
it is soft but may get hard if aroused.
mostly aroused by another man doing things sexually to himself or another man.
that 30 year old man just showed me his disgusting half black penile contraption.
by dilbaid5 April 25, 2009
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