olden terms for you, used in the time where knights and shit ruled

in other words, not me
how may i help thee?

thee is a dumbass
by Andrew R, Mannnnnn June 22, 2006
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An obnoxious spelling of the word "the" that has gained recent popularity in local music scenes. It is often used (seemingly pretentiously) in band names.
Thee Emergency
Thee Oh Sees
by Thee Frank Lee May 15, 2012
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in modern times in northern england, mainly in the yorkshire counties, the word thee means the. it is mainly a regional dialect and can mostly be found in the Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, and DONCASTER, areas of south yorkshire.
"ow's thee today matey ?"

"wat thee got there ?"

"is thee doin owt good today?"
by DONNYbloke23 February 04, 2010
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When a person's thighs blend into their knees without any tapering.
Not only does she have cankles, but thees too!
by Lesley D August 27, 2005
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'Thee' means its the official one of something, and that its 'thee' original, rather than 'the' original. its a way of saying something is unique and is unike anything else.
~Thee one and only Charles walked in our class today!
~Thee official kill Justin Biebers parents group.
~Thee one and only... ...Blair Ritchie!
by BS ind. February 04, 2014
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When a person's thigh meets there knee in a non-tapering fashion. Very gross and very unappealing.
Person 1: Damn, son! That girl is thick.
Person 2: Way too thick for me, she's got thees!
by sohs.soccer14 November 06, 2011
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1. The most extreme and sophisticated comeback in the Shakespearean language - also very impressive in the English context

2. When thee have to correct a loser using “you” enstead of “thee”
Romeo: Mercutio, thy smells like bootyhole
Mercutio, offended: no, thee
by bi6chun9us March 12, 2019
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