Melanie is a person who lights up your whole day. She's the unexpected best friend if you play your cards right. Melanie is creative, funny, caring, and will introduce you to new things you never thought of before. She is the best partner in anything you will ever do, and you should feel lucky when you find her. When you do, make sure you try to stay in her life as long as you can because she is one of the best people you will ever meet. She truly is an angel and will make everything a million times better just by being there. She will be there for you, so be there for her.
"Melanie is my bestfriend"
by Terra Nivanti January 13, 2022
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She's just the person who might be misunderstood a lot, her mood must vary at times, her physique is unique. I guess a Melanie really hides their feelings and says she's okay, most of the time she's not okay. People with the name Melanie are very kind at heart, might get a little jealous at times and always has good intentions, her flirting style is awkward and she might not be the most outgoing at times. She might rather be in her favorite space and do her own thing. If you have a friend whose name is Melanie, you should never lie to her, just tell her the truth, in a friend group she's the one to give advice and gives the sweetest hugs in the world. If she breaks down at anytime, give her a hug and give her some TLC from all the holding back she's done within her, and might be the artsy one within your friend group and your big sister because she is your guard and wants you to feel safe and comfortable at all times. If you have a family member or sibling whose name is Melanie, she might be just the one to give you a good greeting in anytime of day with a great big hug. She might express herself through any activities she does, she's never the one to break the rules and rather be in her home. She loves family and it's her number one priority.
You can be such a Melanie at times and I care for you a lot.
by A kind, thoughtful watcher February 13, 2021
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An amazing girl you don't want to loose, she could be a little devil sometimes and might look like Dora. But she's one of those friends you don't wanna loose.💞💓~banana
Melanie is beautiful.
by Banana_burrito💓 November 16, 2018
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Melanie is a shy girl at first but once you get to know her shes prettty nice and once you have one of these beautiful, cute smart very very funny girl NEVER let her go she has trust issues so dont betray her she will get mad and never trat you the same way again! She loves the night and animals she is addicted to music like a drug, if your her boyfriend dont let her go its hard for her to ever have you back. She has her own style and personality that you cant really explain without knowing her, but she will try to return any favor that she owes, for the most part she tries her best to not screw up but does anyway, shes a very down person so dont make her even more sad
Person 1:Wow dude look at that melanie
Person 2:Dude your so luky you know someone like her
Person 1: i am arn't i?
by Im.A.user345 September 20, 2019
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She is the type of girl that you would not expect to be the "different" cool girl. She has her unique style. Might be shy at first and later talks her arm off. She can be needy at times but mostly she is a giving person. If you meet her or are good friends with her, do not betray her. She will do anything to get back at you. However, if you love her and give her the love she needs she will do anything in return to return the favor.
Melanie is awesome probably the best girl out there.
by onehitwondergirl September 15, 2011
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Melanie -
A person who will always get to the point and hates too many details. It wont interest her - AT ALL. Will listen and hear things that you wont even have to say out loud. She naturally understands people and accepts them. Even the weird and different. Has extreamly high ambition and morality but wont force any on anyone else.
Loves to flirt. Is Beautiful. Gets lots of attention. Good to bring to any party.
Loves cartoon characters and she will ALWAYS be a big kid herself !
Very girly/ good at fashion but will still play video games and play wrestle now and again. Has a million followers.
DONT EVER EVER argue with a Melanie.
Shes right. YOUR wrong. End of story.
It doesnt matter if you had a point , she has ten reasons why your one reason doesnt work. AND even if its not logical - comming from HER its the most Intelligent and believable thing you have EVER heard in your life! She is lawyer material.
Just shutup.
Shes right.
Your wrong.
Everyones happy.
Or at least you will be...shes very loving and forgiving and fun to be around. So DONT waste time argueing! Go to that party or that mall. Where theres a Mel theres a new adventure!
Melanie sure knows what shes talking about!
by SomethingDifferent07 January 8, 2009
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Walking goddess, beautiful girl, sexy chick. If you ever find a Melanie never let go of her she's an amazing girl that loves to hang out and party. The name is used to describe a graceful girl that at times can be clumsy and awkward but is very beautiful outside and inside of her soul. When she falls for a lucky guy she falls for him deeply. Easily forgives, and is easy to get things out of but dont push it one day she might explode. Treat a Melanie right and don't let go of her.
Damn that girl is hot, she must be a Melanie
by lover_0987 April 4, 2010
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