1. better than any game ever.

2. Better than fudge.

3. Better than going to hell.
Satan: You will come down and work in the fire mines!!!

Me: STFU, IMZ playin COD4. (Call of Duty 4)

Jesus: pwnd!

by Jon Keegan May 2, 2008
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The greatest alternative to sex, better than masturbation too.
Girlfriend: Wanna rough it up, u sexy bitch?

Me: Hell yeah, you know what I'm thinking?

Girlfriend: Ohhh yeahhhh.............

Me: Barret .50 Caliber time bitches!

Girlfriend: DAMN YOU CALL OF DUTY 4, YOU WIN AGAIN!!!1 HaCKzorS!!!
by Hady March 12, 2008
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The US military's most effective recruiting tool. While I was in basic training down at FT Benning, I asked quite a few people as to why they joined the military. It wasn't for the college money, it wasn't to be a hero, it wasn't because of the bad economy, it was simply that they wanted to experience Call of Duty Modern Warfare in real life. This game has so many goddamn subliminal messages suggesting to people that they join the military that there is not enough stars in our own universe to account for them. Their recent trailer for Black Ops (there's a soldier in all of us) is going even farther, then it has before by adding a new addition of females to their target audience of angst filled teenagers. Instead of just using rap songs by popular artists such as Eminem, (popular with poor underprivileged people of the United States which military recruiters often go after) now they are even using celebrities in there trailers. Maybe the next Cock of Doody trailer will use Kid Rock so they can add an even new edition to the target audience of angsty poor male and female teenagers, the rednecks, white trash, and hicks.
Friend #1: Hey let's play Call of Duty 4!!!!!

Friend #2: Hm, I don't feel like it.

Friend #1: Why not?

Friend #2: Because I'm sick and tired of having Trey Arch and Infinity Ward shove the whole how glorified and fucking badass a person can become if they enlist or join a certain part of the military, and how adventurous and fun joining the military is "message" down my throat.
by Nihilistic dude November 8, 2010
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Easily one of the best games of all time. The campaign unique, inventive, cinematic. The storyline itself is amazing. It takes you from flying into a smll middle-eastern country, to the radiation ridden mashes of Pripyat, Ukraine, to the mountains of Azberijiian and Russia. You fight as rookie SAS soldier "Soap MacTavish" and US Marine "Sgt. Paul Jackson" fighting terrorist soldiers and Pro-Soviet Russian Ultranationalists, ultimately ending in the head of the Russian rebels being killed, Sgt. Jackson dying shortly after a nuclear explosion, and nearly every member of the team of SAS operatives being killed.

As for the multiplayer, it has never-ending enjoyment and will not become boring, given any amount of time. Play online for fun and skill, don't show off by racking up points by using the M16 or Martyrdom and ruining the game for everyone.

The worst part, though, is Halo3 players and such bashing the game for being better. Halo 3 is a great game, but its multiplayer is frustrating and matchmaking tends to get linear and boring.
Halo 3 Player: ZOMG Call of Duty 4 is for noobs it sux and h@l03 4 t3h w!n lololol

Noob: Duuude! I am so good with the M16, it racks up the kills! And martyrdom is awesome too! Everytime I die, I get a kill!

Experienced player: If you werent a noob, you would know that the m16 is a nearly instakill gun, and therefore, unfair and annoying. Martyrdom doesnt require skill, and rewards players for dying. Fail.
by ThatAwesomeGuy17768 October 24, 2009
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Awesome multi-platform game, which was game of the year, and ridiculously popular, even when it was released a while ago. Abbreviated as COD4. Buy it if you don't have it, and fuck Farcry. It's gonna suck.
Josh: Hey, you wanna play some Halo?
Neil: Wtf? You gay? Play Call of Duty 4 you pansy!
by Jumb4l4y4 October 16, 2008
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a game that always fucks you over what was once fun is now shit cause the maps get very old after a while. the only way to have fun in cod 4 is when you block doors another fun move is in District in the house that has that room with a stair way next to it that leads to nothing stand in the doorway in that room and your team will keep spawning in there as someone menchend in halo 3 you get killed by five year olds in cod 4 you get killed by 12 year olds that spam grenades that your guy can throw over 2 buildings bounce 300 ft then blow up right next to you
AFFLICT: wow thats gay

Project_74: what happend?

AFFLICT: i was hit by my own grenade that bounced of 50 things and just happend to land right next to me the physics in this game sucks

Project_74: holy fucking shit i was just killed from behind a fucking brick wall and the guy who killed me was spamming a m16 while spinning in circles

AFFLICT: thats stupid fuck cod 5 and Call of Duty 4 lets get LBP and the new Lord of the Rings game!

by Bubba Jenny November 9, 2008
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