The same as “to be Epsteined”, suicided.

Killed and made to look like suicide.

John McAfee didn’t kill himself.

Oh he died, he was McAfeed or Epsteined or Clintoned , murdered and made to look like suicide.
by Paisleycool June 25, 2021
A barely passable virus scanning program that updates at the worst possible times. Tends to render your computer completely useless whenever it starts an update (which it doesn't ask to start and you can't cancel or pause) or starts a virus scan automatically (which it doesn't ask to start). You would probably be better off getting something like Ad-Aware, which has done more for me than McAfee.
McAfee updates at horrible times, almost like the creators want you to die.
User: *starts up important program*
53 minutes later, still doing something important.
McAfee: Hey, that guy is doing important things. We should update now so his computer won't be able to do anything!
*starts update*
by Bolt Lightning March 17, 2009
An anti-Virus software which is often worse than the viruses it tries to prevent. Its favourite past time is updating at the most inconvenient times bringing even high-spec computers to their knees.
Oh God Not Again McAfee, you update even more than Steam
by MikeMillion August 28, 2020
A "virus scan" "program" that acts like a virus- possibly the most ingenious act of double-agentry in computer history. If connected to the internet, it will update and reboot without warning at the worst possible times.

If on a computer that is not connected to the internet, it still manages to wreck your work once the subscription runs out. Every time you turn on the computer, after a few minutes a small McAfee ad will pop up in the corner urging you to renew your subscription. It appears behind whatever window you have open, but as soon as you click in the area that the ad is, it teleports you back to the desktop to LOOK AT THE AD. Will your program still work after being quite jarringly interrupted right in the middle of something? Maybe, but McAfee doesn't care.
Alright, all done, now to click save and- WHAT? GAHH McAFEE! *Sigh* Close this and back to- PROGRAM NOT RESPONDING!? WHAT THE HECK!?
by Forty-Niner August 14, 2014
To mcafee is to plug drugs for recreational use.

This is relating to John Mcafee who enjoyed plugging, or inserting drugs (mainly MDPV) into his anus for recreational use usually resulting in a drug induced psychosis.
by Bob11111111 December 18, 2012
/ˈmækəfi /
Verb - To McAfee

"When hired Belizian women shit on your face via a strategically cut hole in a fabric sling type chair"
"I paid her $5 american dollars drop a McAfee on my face" -John McAfee (Denied by John McAfee)
by gogogogogoanon January 10, 2017
1. To consume a large amount of alcohol and cause a public disturbance.

May or may not include drunkenly swimming in places your not supposed to swim, yelling at passing cars, and getting arrested)

aka "pulling a McAfee", "going McAfee all over their asses", and variations of said phrase.

The McAfee state of mind includes responding in the following ways to officers of the law, when your levels of intoxication are openly questionable:

Officer: How much have you had to drink?

Dude pulling a McAfee: A lot 'cause I'm drunk

Officer: Have you been swimming in that canal?

Dude pulling a McAfee: I'm not sure.

Officer: Why are you all wet?

Dude pulling a McAfee: It was raining.

Officer: Where's your shirt?

Dude pulling a McAfee: In the water.
"Dude, we are all going to pull a McAfee in Key West thing weekend."

"Oh, Beau is in jail because he went got drunk and went McAfee."

"Bro, lets hit up the bar McAfee style."
by Indyfanforthesb January 30, 2011