1. when someone is regected or when they are excluded
2. to be told you are wrong; contradict.
3. to refuse to believe someting that someone has said/done; reject.
"i asked Sally out, but she said no..." said Bob.
"Ha ha! Denied!" shouted Barry.
by JessR January 22, 2006
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having the feeling that u just got repeadedly ass raped ,embarrased to the point of self castration
*girl rolls up the "juicy fruit car door" in their face "Deeniiieeeedddddd"
by Matt M May 30, 2003
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when you are defied by another persons just opinion, and you cant garner their respect.
when you get stomped in the face while your in the mud. you; that was disrepectful, and painful to my face, eyes , and mouth, how could you do such a senseless action? him; I't was the action of gravity pulling the force of my legs with 40 newtons which caused a stomping action to your face science is interesting dont you think? You; well i just made up this "scientific" theory what if someone strung you up on a rope from your legs and measured the length of your throat to the top of your head, dug a hole precisely the same distance in to the earth and piled the dirt around your head. my hypothesis is that your head will start rotting within a 3 and a half day period from which I will add equal water amounts consisting of 500 milliters of water in the surrounding dirt. Conclusion your face is fucked.
by bdcaes9edertyf February 12, 2005
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