ooooohhhh! Denied!
by Pizzleonmynizzle October 18, 2003
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So close - and yet so far.
He shoots, he sco- Oh. Denied....
by Evil Pete March 10, 2003
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"Dude what happened where you rejected?"
"Nah, Man. I was Denied"
by brendizel August 6, 2008
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1. when someone is regected or when they are excluded
2. to be told you are wrong; contradict.
3. to refuse to believe someting that someone has said/done; reject.
"i asked Sally out, but she said no..." said Bob.
"Ha ha! Denied!" shouted Barry.
by JessR January 22, 2006
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having the feeling that u just got repeadedly ass raped ,embarrased to the point of self castration
*girl rolls up the "juicy fruit car door" in their face "Deeniiieeeedddddd"
by Matt M May 31, 2003
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An amazing guy that's easy to fall in love with and totally knows what he's got. Confident and driven, he will take over the world.
Denis is lovable and amazing.
by angie O edema July 8, 2018
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words cannot describe how wonderful denis truly is :)
once you get to know denis, its like your whole world shines in a different way, a brilliant way. he is truly a magician, as he makes all the negativity go away and when you talk to him its like time does not exist anymore, you feel free and comfortable around him. hes funny, affectionate, sympathetic, diligent, hard-working and more. he will never cease to amaze me every single day.
he is very open minded and you will never be able to stop talking to him. its that excitement you feel when you wait for his next reply that really makes everything so special. everything he says has soul put into it and its so admirable that it puts a bright smile on your face and you will never want it to end. he is one of the most supportive people in the world that you could meet.

he is truly a blessing to the world and im thankful that ive got to know denis. he is pure euphoria, worth more than all the money in the world.

get yourself a denis in life please :D
'you seem happy, have you been talking to denis? '
' maybe... :) '
by messy:) July 3, 2022
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