A man that no mere mortal can compete with, is know for sticking his dick in 7 bitches at once. Oh, he also launched Mcafee antivirus... or something like that.
"Nobody should be forced to use X-Hampster." - John Mcafee, 2013
by hotrodman106 January 5, 2014
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John Mcafee died for our sins, but his spirit is still running in the background.
by Zeke_Yeager June 23, 2021
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A John Mcafee is crypto currency slang for when a specific crypto currency coin is targeted with misleading and fake news to drive it’s price up or down. The act is often used to artificially inflate or deflate market prices to benefit the purpotrator (the ‘John Mcafee’ benefactor).

The act of ‘pumping’ and/or ‘dumping’ the coin price is then denied and lied about by the perpetrator in order to cover up the immoral act.

The acts of changing the price via fake news or unqualified opinions followed by backtracking, lying and covering up are collectively referred to as committing a John Mcafee.

The term is named after internet security guru John Mcafee who has a cult following in the crytocurrency space. Often his opinions cause huge movement in coin prices simply down to coming from him and are often contradictory and based on non-existent evidence.

The term then expanded over time to incorporate cover up and lying about the act after numerous examples of this happening.

The term is now primarily used more widely to highlight a lie or fake news report that has negatively impacted something followed by denials and rebuttals.
Vamps, what happen to the price of XVG coin?
Tell me about it, it was John Mcafee’d!
- The coin price was destroyed due to a John Mcafee.

You hear Linda blew off Zor last night?
Yeah man Zor got John Mcafee’d, she was told he slept with Naz!
- Someone lied to Linda and committed a John Mcafee

I was there, he definitely said that and look at what it did!
Yes he pulled a John Mcafee and then some!
- Someone is now denying saying something. They are committing a John Mcafee.
by Wouldzey December 30, 2017
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