A state of mind that is brought on by the use of drugs and illegal substances. It is usually easier to live life like this and many prefer it to 'real life'. You can also consume alcohol to highten the effect of drugs, it usually results in 10x the fun! People in this state should not be held responsible for their actions.
Hey man, what were you doing last night? What the hell were you on?
Well, my night was fueled by drugs and alcohol. You could say it I was in a whole different state of mind, a drug induced state of mind.
by Jen-knee April 12, 2008
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A drug induced romance is a romantic relationship in which a couple only spends time around each other when inebriated or high.
Kelly and Toby haven't even spent any time around each other sober, yet they are head over heels for each other. I wonder how long their drug induced romance will last?
by TashaDoe January 13, 2010
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drug induced children

Persons between birth and puberty who have, through any means, intaken a chemical substance which stimulates the occurance of a reaction in their bodies's nervous systems.
The drug induced children appeared frightened, and confused.
by Atlas Zero December 19, 2003
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tom and his homies banged hookers and snorted coke and got a drug-induced euphoria
by concededbear September 28, 2015
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This is when people on drugs get together and are so wasted they don't know their own name let alone the person they are having sex with at the moment. Nine months later they are scanning the town with paternity test. After the hunt they find the name of the guy so they can complete the name on the birth certificate. They also get a chance to introduce themself and the baby to the guy, Finally.
Did you know that's her third drug induced baby? They've got to get a rehab for that.
by legitimate life August 13, 2011
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