When someone is murdered because they hold important information that could incriminate many people, but the death is ruled as a suicide.
I hope she won't be epsteined in jail because we need her testimony.
by FieryDragonLover July 14, 2020
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Refers to the suspicious death of a person in government custody who has knowledge that could lead to the prosecution of powerful government officials, agencies or their billionaire patrons.
John McAfee got Epsteined in a Spanish prison while he was awaiting extradition to the US before he could be deposed on a number of issues regarding computer crimes and bot networks among other things.
by james savik January 3, 2023
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Murder committed by elites made to look like Suicide.
"Careful what you say about The Don, you might get yourself Epsteined"
by Peadar Lotsy November 3, 2020
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To hide the cause of death, to cover up murder, to conceal murder.
1. It did not take a coroner to realize the evidence was Epsteined.
2. The evidence had been Epsteined suggesting murder!
by garblebox February 14, 2021
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1) A perverted billionaire fuck head who used his money to get away with boning young girls.

2) A boner for a girl who’s a little bit too young.
Definition 2:

Your mate: Dude, that school girl’s skirt is way too short. Think I’m getting an Epstein.

You: You sick fuck. Sit down before someone notices that tent in your pants.
by Chashuman August 20, 2019
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He didn’t kill himself
Epstein didn’t kill himself
by Phil Mc’Kracken January 12, 2021
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To have sex with three (Usually female) 16-year-olds at once.
Did you hear kyle pulled an epstein last night? What a pimp!
by DOW September 26, 2006
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