To program a virus or the act of programming viruses.
What are you going to be doing?

I am virusing.
by cgeniusgo February 21, 2011
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throwing a mega narcissistic party for the ego inflation of one orange skinned and massively obese POTUS, while simultaneously super spreading a highly contagious disease that kills.
We finally had Covid-19 under control in our area until that cheeto-Mussolini decided he was gonna be VIRUSING here last weekend.
by quizzical chemist October 14, 2020
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The useless computer action that takes a while and never finds any viruses, even when there are viruses.
Mike: Dude what's taking so long to load?
George: My computer's just scanning for viruses.
by nothinggorilla August 11, 2012
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Windows Vista, the most FAIL operating system ever created for its generation.
Kaspersky : DING! Your computer has viruses!
Norton : DING! Your computer is infected!
Spybot : DING! Your computer has spywares!
McAfee : DING! Your computer has Trojans!
Ad-Aware : DING! Your computer has adwares!

You : Viruses Infections Spyware Trojans and Adware! Screw this, I'm getting Windows 7.
by Prodo123 March 8, 2010
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