A psychotic trumpie who threatened to kill Nancy Pelosi and insult school shooting survivors but has never been thrown out of the white house.
Girl: Why hasn't Marjorie Taylor-Greene been fired yet?
Guy: Someone obviously in the white house likes pyscho trumpies
by girly1975 March 2, 2022
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The aesthetic removal of body hair from the anal region of a transvestite person, by the hot wax process.
"Before her cruise, Jessika wanted a standard Brazilian at the spa, but she decided to splurge for the full Marjorie Taylor-Greene."
by Rockraven March 13, 2021
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A psychotic member of Congress that's basically a shining example on the new Republican party; the fringe right-winged bottom of the barrel lumped with the QAnon cult.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is dangerous embarrassment that needs to be expelled
by Soul_Driver January 30, 2021
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A junior "congresswoman" from Georgia who has been stripped of power because she is a clueless cunt. Believes in the asinine conspiracy theories of Qanon and professional sycophant of cheeto baby jesus. Not only is she a twisted fuck who supports fascism, she pretends to actually know the meaning of big words like socialism, patriotism, economics, American history, debating, constitution, 2nd Amendment, constituents, and religion. An embarrassing attempt at representing an uneducated district, she has done nothing in congress but make a complete fucking ass of herself and the cult party she so desperately wants approval from. She betrays herself an NRA puppet who fantasizes killing Americans who are liberal when in reality couldn't hit water if she fell out of a boat. Her incompetents has now become legendary in American politics and will go down in history as a total failure and permanent shit stain of a human being.
Marjorie Taylor Green: Come out of your office and face me AOC! I want to know why you support abortion!

Camera man: I believe she is hiding in there!

Wall speaker: Say hello to my little friend! Boom!

Rioter 1: Quick! Deploy the Marjorie Taylor Green!

Rioter 2: I'm having trouble aiming the thing!
Rioter 1: Stop pointing it at me dude!

Rioter 2: It's not working!
Rioter 1: I can't read the instructions!
Rioter 2: Just press that red button...
by Asymmetric shits for trump September 29, 2022
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An ape-like swamp creature who is another embarrassment to American politics, this Republicunt makes Lauren Boebert look sane by comparison - and, that’s not saying much. Also known as MTG, “it” is a MAGAt conspiracy theorist that fell into that QAnon rabbit hole long ago, landing head first.
If Trump ever picks Marjorie Taylor Greene as his running mate for the 2024 Presidential Election, then God help America.
by The Real Canadian April 28, 2023
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Has anyone not seen the connections? Marjorie Taylor Greene and Bellatrix Lestrange are both VERY loyal to a deranged man, would do anything for said man, and are somehow even crazier than the man they worship. Difference is the real world has misfortune of being stuck with one of them.
by Darkness Prime January 26, 2023
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U.S Representative (GA-14). Supporter of President Donald J. Trump. True American patriot who was been slander by the media mob and the Silicon Valley Cartel. Ruthlessly attacked by the left because of her people over politicians policy. Attacked because she stands up for her beliefs and cannot be bought and controlled by the global cabal.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the few patriots in Congress.
by Godblessdjt February 16, 2021
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