An insane mother fucker who kills people. Most commonly names Skylar or dalton
crazy insane I'm gonna kill you and bathe in your blood pyscho
by Skylarvpark November 25, 2013
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Common misspelling of Psycho. The word "pyscho" is commonly used by 10-year-olds making edgy Gacha Studio series , Gta characters, etc. with cliché characters / storyline. One example of this is LilyTrescotMSP's "The pyscho daughter". I highly recommend you don't watch it, as it is very, very cliché and cringey. (Also how does she have almost 200k+ subs?)
10 year old: "I play Yandere Simulator and Grand Theft Auto 5! I'm a pyscho! Fear me peasant!!
Me: So 90 million people are psychopaths and murderous killers? How about you learn some grammar and quit being an edgelord.
by helloitstaco November 27, 2018
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If his name is Noah he is pyscho.
by asscrack098 July 18, 2019
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An American investment banker who worked in Wall Street in the 1980's and killed a lot of people.
American Pyscho used a chainsaw to kill one of his victims.
by hamboyg December 13, 2004
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Mainly girls, that are so jealous, they are almost psychotic. These girls are jealous of a boyfriend or a friend you have a 'thing' with, they will stalk this boy and make fun of you through wall posts on his facebook. Also, they arn't very pretty. Basically, they should get a life.
That girl is sucha jealous pyscho, she just made fun of me on my guy friends wall on facebook, and she wont leave him alone.
by BiigD December 14, 2010
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someone who is quiet and seems innocent (guy or girl) but snaps at the slightest thing that pisses them off or if fed up, usually hard to do. type of people who shot up schools and businsses
i thought sam was tight, turns out he is an all american pyscho u see what he did to the dude at the party. spilt his skull over a joke!!!
by dirrty1 April 15, 2006
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When someone tries to make a statement that only they understand.(DTPB)

When someone thinks they have a brilliant idea that will change the minds and lives of others but no one understand exaclty what that is.

College Freshmen waste the professor's time with their deep thought pyscho babble.

I could not distinguish the speaker's main points from her deep thought pyscho babble.
by neight ford August 13, 2007
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