QAnon began as a prank by 4chan members with the goal of convincing gullible people to unwittingly promote the fictional organization "Queers Anonymous". It has since been adopted and perpetuated by many around the world.
"QAnon knows the truth about the global conspiracy against Donald Trump and Bigfoot!"
by ProtocolsofZionNationalPark October 16, 2020
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An internet cult comprised of right wing dipshits who claim to be "patriots" but in truth are nothing more than suckers being played by a loser behind a keyboard in their mother's basement. Their belief system is centered around the "Hollywood elite" and that most if not all celebrities (and anyone who disagrees with them) are part of a "Satanic liberal cabal" that traffics children for sex and to harvest their blood for something called adrenochrome to keep themselves young. This obsession with Hollywood is usually stemmed from nothing more than jealousy and pure stupidity in general. They actually believe Donald Trump is still our President and that JFK Jr is still alive and acting as the VP. Everything is a conspiracy to these morons. Another common characteristic of QAnon followers is that they are Christian and not only believe that Jesus is coming back, but that Donald Trump will usher in the second coming of Jesus and bring about what they call "the great awakening", where everything they've dug up on the internet will be revealed to be true. All QAnon members refer to themselves as "awake" as if they truly believe the premise of the Matrix films, but in fact they are not awake. They just have internet access and too much free time. In summation, QAnon and anyone who claims to be a part of it shouldn't be taken seriously and viewed as nothing more than angry paranoid losers who want to feel important. In closing, QAnon is nothing more than trailer park Scientology
Dave: If you really want the truth, go on QAnon for yourself

Rational person: No thanks. If I wanna read bullshit I'll just consult the Bible
by redgrave1093 April 26, 2021
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What seems to be an internet-based cult of crackpots who apparently believe that Trump is God, and that he's fighting the "cabal" or the "deep state," or some BS like that. From the looks of it, they also espouse the religious belief that he's fighting a blatantly nonexistent "Satanic" pedophile ring made of people who don't agree with him, as opposed to just admitting he's not that great of a person. Seems to have been started by someone going by Q, who's claiming to be an insider for the government, or maybe a massive troll. These assholes take their beliefs seriously enough to flat out attack people or even try to commit murder in broad daylight, and then claim they're fighting for some fake utopia. Yeah, humanity's digging its own grave for sure.
Guy 1: Hey, hear about Larry? Apparently, he shot his neighbor and ran over her husband because he thought they were part of the "cabal"
Guy 2: Must have been QAnon.
Guy 1: Yeah, he drank that Q-Laid pretty fast.
by Intelligence001 November 16, 2020
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A group of rabidly racist Trump supporters who are spreading the false rumor that the increasing numbers of minorities in our schools is evidence that white children are being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. This group was behind the discredited "Pizza-Gate" conspiracy theory of supposed sex trafficking.
The group QAnon is spreading false conspiracy theories as a tool in political fear mongering.
by September 14, 2020
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An American far-right conspiracy theory coined by fanatical supporters of the Republican Party(which includes conservatives, paleoconservatives, nationalists, right-wing populists, zionists, white nationalists, fascists, nazis, neo-confederates, proud boys, klansmen etc.), that claims that the former President of the United States Donald J. Trump was being plotted against by a top-secret Satan-worshipping cabal of cannibalistic pedophiles running a child sex trafficking ring during his time in the office. It is mostly regarded as being a theory of insane lunacy, and a lie made to trigger a revolt against the American Government.

It is one of the chief philosophies behind the 2021 Storming Of The US Capitol.
Trumpist: The Q and his cronies are running a trafficking ring! We need to raid the Capitol! Trust in QAnon!

Bidenist: Will you just shut up man?
by Idot11111 May 15, 2021
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Unfortunate listener: That's rather QAnon of you to peddle such rubbish...
by PlatinumDoge June 28, 2021
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A group of anonymous people on the imageboard 8kun conversing with Q, an unknown individual from within President Trump's Oval Office helping to end the processes of the tyrannical Deep State. Q is known to have led people to many trails, called "crumbs," which the "anons" follow to find evidence of illegal behavior from within what is known as the cabal. The purpose of QAnon is to disseminate this incriminating information so that people may be prepared when the evildoers from within the Deep State are brought down.
A: Where did you find out about the Clintons' involvement with Epstein and all of this information about Obamagate?
B: Just by following QAnon. You can literally find that all of it is true by doing a bit of research based on what Q drops and not going directly to MSM.
by nothingcanstopwhatscoming September 27, 2020
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