An extremely sucky feeling that happens to adolescents much too often where your cheeks get all red and you just want to curl up under a dark bed for all of eternity (and/or die in a hole).
Girl: What's wrong, why are you crying?
Other Girl: I just suffered from a high level of embarrassment when my parents showed my boyfriend baby pictures of me! I wish I could curl up in a hole and die!
by netflixxlove January 4, 2015
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the feeling you get when your dad asks for a knife and fork in mcdonalds
omg my dad asked for knife and fork in mcdonalds im dying from embarrassment
by didcot boy December 26, 2017
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A collective noun referring to a group of Pokemon Goers.
There is an embarrassment in the park across the street searching for a Pikachu.
by QuercusQQuercus July 11, 2016
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When you run into a wall with a boner and break your nose.
Aww, I just broke my nose, I ran into a wall while having an erection, at least Tiny Tim down there is ok !
by Mr. Ownage July 8, 2004
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people who talk a lot, and don't really think about what they are saying.
Italian Americans are an embarrassment
by gabbagooo June 18, 2020
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feeling discomfort or unease for the moment because of someone who is with you .
sam sneezed without using the handkerchief when you were having dinner in a reputed restaurant and you feel embarrassment.
by smokie 07 March 13, 2012
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The shameful feelings that one or a few bad apples bring to their respective race, group or even place.
Cholos like Nortenos, Surenos are an embarrassment to their Mexican race who strive for a better future. Racist whites, white supremacists like the KKK German Nazis are an embarrassment to all Germans. Asian gangsters have become an embarrassment to their own kind who are hardworking people.
by Zydecko September 3, 2007
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