A person with blonde hair; a hair color. Blondes are often stereotyped. Someone's hair color has no effect on their intelligence and little effect on their behavior, aside from the fact that people may change to fit what society expects of them. Not all blondes are dumb or attractive.
Girl 1- OMG, I am such a valley girl, don't you lyk think I seem like I should be lyk "blonde?"
Girl 2- No, because your hair color has nothing to do with your personality. I think you're dumb.
by Nonegiven33 November 15, 2006
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A hair color that's a light gold color, and is usually associated with ditziness and stupidity. Usually they're just as smart as people with other hair colors, but some of them act dumb because they think the whole "dumb blonde" thing is cute or something. They're not necessarily prettier than brunettes or other hair colors, but some of them put extra effort into makeup, fashion and weight control because of what society expects of blondes. Hair color is entirely superficial, and it's extremely shallow to judge entirely on a physical feature that can be changed as easy as hair color. Certainly some blondes are ditzy and stupid, but so can anyone. Let their personality speak for itself, not their hair.
As a brunette, I haven't noticed any correlation between blondes and ditziness at my school. Some of them are even at the top of our class.
by Becca January 8, 2005
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A hair color anywhere from extremely pale to sandy colored(lions coat color).
That girl's hair is blonde.
by Traveling Bob July 29, 2006
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It's a hair colour (gold, usually), NOT a personality trait.

The dumb blonde cliché started with the kinds of characters Marylin Monroe played in many of her movies. She usually played characters who were pretty ditsy, though sometimes she came through with some profoundly wise insight. So when people blame their ditsiness or naivety on being blonde, they are just pandering to a popular culture stereotype.

In other words, being blonde has nothing to do with being stupid. Being stupid has everything to do with being stupid.
Marylin Monroe's character, at the end of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, convinces her would-be father-in-law that women chasing after rich men is like men chasing after beautiful women.
by mad hatter June 22, 2004
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A word that the English language borrowed from French to describe a hair color that is traditionally described as "fair" or "flaxen" in English.

Blonde is a light hair color, ranging from light brown/dark blond to the tow headed platinum blonde.

"Blond" is used in French to refer to a fair-haired man and "blonde" is used for a fair-haired woman.

Blondes are stereotyped (often unfairly) as being sexually promiscuous and/or unintelligent. Since fair hair first appeared, many darker-haired peoples have imitated it... thus leading to fair and red hair being associated with prostitutes in some cases. The origins of the "dumb blonde" stereotype are not very clear, but it could be that the hair of many blondes turns darker as they grow and mature, and thus fair hair is associated with youth and childhood, and thus with innocence and naïveté.
Contrary to the stereotype, only a small minority of the blonde community is dumb. Marilyn Monroe, Judy Holliday, and Betty Hutton (contrary to their ditzy images) were quite intelligent women who wanted to be taken seriously.

The only dumb blondes that I know of are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Ann Coulter.

Lindsay Lohan (foolishly) dyed blonde her beautiful scarlet tresses.

If blondes are so dumb, explain the intellect of Golden Retrievers and the alleged stupidity of the red-haired Irish Setter. For once, a someone with a darker hair color is the "dumb" one.
by Lorelili March 31, 2006
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No darker than the sandy color of a lions mane. Get that through your head people.
by Traveling Bob August 11, 2006
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A light hair color. It can be annoying to be a blonde as a minor because your mother may not allow you to dye it, with the reason, "90% of blondes dye their hair blonde, and you lucked out by getting it naturally."
Me: Can I dye my hair brown?
Mom: You can't dye ALL of it brown, because 90% of blondes... You're lucky to have light hair.
by Rinney June 30, 2005
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