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Yet another reason why "gun-free" zones don't work.
"There was another school shooting! Guns should be banned from school!"

"Weapons are already banned from school. Maybe if they weren't, students could DEFEND THEMSELVES"
by samj241 May 07, 2006
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when the victim just cannot take the bull shit from the bullies anymore most kill them selves after and it is a good idea to wear bullet prof vest aim at head and chest so they die not just get injured and do it in style get a nice mask maybe scream and some good fuck the world music like manson or eminem and if you are afraid to die flee to Cuba when you have made your statement
the loner finally snapped one day and pulled a shot gun out in math turned up way i am eminem and had their revenge they also put on a mask like saw doctor in saw on and began their school shooting
by im cumming September 20, 2016
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A systematic purging of societal scum such as jocks, upper middle class fags, snobby white females, retards, hood thugs, and ethnic minorities by an acne ridden, sexually frustrated, and cringe inducing loser under the appellation commonly known as Eugene.

This wonderful event serves as a cleansing, comparable to when a forest fire wipes out an area and pave the way for new life.

The Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, set the standard for many shooters and are honored each time one of these controversial parties happens.
Little Jimmy: "He he heyyyyy Eugene, you won't shoot me ruh ruh rightttt" (trembling)
Eugene: "No you didn't laugh at me like the rest of the class when I shit my pants"
Little Jimmy: "Okay, tha tha thannkss" (pees pants, scrambling)

(cocking noise)

Bang! Bang! Bang! Band!

(stows his AK47 and ends School Shooting)
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by DOn't Shoot August 26, 2017
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A school shooting is something you do on a very nice warm April day when you just can't stand the bullies anymore. When preforming a school shooting, it might be wise to shoot yourself afterwards, or just run away to Cuba. Most school shootings end badly. You either accidentally kill the wrong person, injure people instead of killing them, or fail to kill yourself/run away to Cuba and end up in jail. If you're going to choose to shoot up a school, make sure you have a fool-proof plan, which includes shooting the Jews. After a school shooting, you can proudly proclaim this lovely, non-disturbing at all fact. "My teen angst has a body count"
Generally, when doing a school shooting, you have to make sure you have a very good reason to be doing this act, and you need to make sure that you whip your genitals out then shoot people.
Even though this rarely happens, because either the shooter kills himself or gets gunned down by police, but if you do survive your school shooting, and don't run off to Cuba, make sure to get a good lawyer and make sure the world knows you're actually just a whittle bitty "Bully Victim" and that killing 20 students and wounding 60 was needed.
Columbine, the book Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, Virginia Tech school shooting, and others.
by OMGKHSLOLWTF January 20, 2009
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1. Phrase for Kids getting pissed at there school, that they force ther way into their school, with a firearm, and shoot's teachers and Pupils. Often they shoot themself after. School Shootings are often blamed at at violent games, like Counter-Strike and GTA.

2. Rap Song, by Ill Bill - The Anatomy of a School Shooting.
1. Sad Parents- Why Did He Do It?!?!
Police Officer- Probaly Because Of That Counter-Strike..
Mad CS Player- FUCK YOU!!

2. Dont Try To Analyse Me now/
You Had You Chance Back Then/
Maybe You Could Have Been Me friend/
by JynKE April 11, 2005
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