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Indonesian slang for "sexy body" that's mostly in reference to a woman with a round, plump butt that every ass guy would gladly worship.
That chick I met in Bali sure has a big booty for an Asian woman! Bohay!!!
by Soul_Driver May 1, 2021
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Governor of California who will not only survive the 2021 Trump-aligned recall, but will get re-elected in 2022. The man is competent and has a future.
Face it, crybabies... Gavin Newsom isn't going anywhere.
by Soul_Driver September 11, 2021
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An anti-war song that Bruce Springsteen wrote. Arguably, it's the most misinterpreted song ever. Most people tend to think it's a flag-waving anthem, but if you read the lyrics.. it's a cynical protest song that deals with the effects of the Vietnam War on Americans.
Moron: "Born in the USA" is so smug. Why would anyone sing about how great it is being American?

Genius: Read the lyrics, you dolt.
by Soul_Driver October 17, 2011
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A bunch of pedantic & self-righteous users on Twitter who post a bevy of red herrings, half-truths and outright lies about ANYONE that God forbid have practical views that don't align with their socialist agenda.

The name "rose twitter" is a colloquial term in reference to the rose emoji next to their username.
Rose Twitter is still mad that Bernie Sanders lost the primary, so they threw a tantrum by not voting.
by Soul_Driver January 1, 2021
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Texas congressman with a Kennedy & Obama-esque charisma who barely lost the senate seat to Lyin' Ted Cruz and will wipe the floors with Dump if he decides to run for POTUS in 2020.
Beto O'Rourke is the future and will leave Donald Trump in tears when he comes to terms with his inevitable defeat.
by Soul_Driver January 8, 2019
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Legendary French actor. He was pretty much the Steve McQueen/James Dean of France (but he's still alive) since he played alot of tough-guy rebel roles and of course, admired for his classical good-looks.

Most famous role was "Le Samourai."
Alain Delon is awesome!
by Soul_Driver February 28, 2011
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