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A temper tantrum term uttered by right-wingers that are pissed off because they're being held accountable for doing bad things.
Homer: Simon & Schuster won't publish my book! Cancel culture! Freedom of speech be damned!

Barney: No, it's because you're an asshole that said racist things & actions have consequences! Buck up!
by Soul_Driver January 30, 2021
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Misspelling of Moderna that lead to the embarrassing arrest of some idiot anti-vaxxer that used a phony COVID-19 vaccination card to travel and got caught.
If you are going to falsify your vaccination status and hope to avoid public ridicule, at least make sure that it is not spelled like MADERNA!
by Soul_Driver September 01, 2021
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A pejorative used by dumb right-wingers that get their information through Facebook memes and YouTube conspiracy theorists
I hate to break it to you, hillbilly, but credible sources that actually fact check are a part of the mainstream media
by Soul_Driver December 24, 2020
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A psychotic member of Congress that's basically a shining example on the new Republican party; the fringe right-winged bottom of the barrel lumped with the QAnon cult.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is dangerous embarrassment that needs to be expelled
by Soul_Driver January 29, 2021
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One of the greatest newspapers that you can always rely on.

And no it's definitely not left-winged propaganda. In reality, it's pretty centrist.
New York Times keeps me informed.
by Soul_Driver December 27, 2020
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A seriously irritating term used by sanctimonious white people with wokeness issues despite that only 3% of Latinos use it.
Stop saying LatinX! Most Latinos haven't even heard of it!
by Soul_Driver April 29, 2021
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Another one of those nutjob conspiracy theorist US House members that represent America's right-winged bottom of the barrel and the QAnon cult.
Lauren Boebert is just as crazy as Marjorie Taylor Greene
by Soul_Driver September 01, 2021
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