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Texas congressman with a Kennedy & Obama-esque charisma who barely lost the senate seat to Lyin' Ted Cruz and will wipe the floors with Dump if he decides to run for POTUS in 2020.
Beto O'Rourke is the future and will leave Donald Trump in tears when he comes to terms with his inevitable defeat.
by Soul_Driver January 8, 2019
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A food ordering app that's likely exacerbating the obesity epidemic.
DoorDash is making me lazy and fat!
by Soul_Driver April 24, 2021
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Colloquial term for "anti-vaxxer."

Ironically, the people who are vaccine hesitant are the ones who bitch about covid restrictions and how mask mandates being a violation of their personal liberties. Want them to end and get back to normal? Then get a fucking shot in the arm!
Vaccine hesitant people prefer to spend money on a counterfeit vaccine card and get charged with federal crimes instead of saving themselves and others with a free vaccine. What a bunch of morons.
by Soul_Driver May 20, 2021
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An anti-war song that Bruce Springsteen wrote. Arguably, it's the most misinterpreted song ever. Most people tend to think it's a flag-waving anthem, but if you read the lyrics.. it's a cynical protest song that deals with the effects of the Vietnam War on Americans.
Moron: "Born in the USA" is so smug. Why would anyone sing about how great it is being American?

Genius: Read the lyrics, you dolt.
by Soul_Driver October 17, 2011
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Critical Race Theory is mostly a Republican dog whistle meant to scare uneducated white parents
by Soul_Driver November 5, 2021
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In colloquial terms... the bartender's bitch.

They do most of the work for about half of the tips that bartenders make. However, it's a great stepping stone for newbies in the service industry. They just have to make their expectations clear that they want to eventually move up so management won't take advantage of their reliability and hard work.
Every well-paying bartender was once a barback
by Soul_Driver June 6, 2022
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