Two rich old white perverts try putting fake votes in a box to rule a country.
Ace: Who will you be voting for in the Presidential Election?
Trump: A wall.
by Ace Phillips November 4, 2020
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A reality show where the winner gets access to the U.S. nuclear arsenal
I would like to put in a write in vote for anthony weiners dick-pic for the 2016 presidential election
by vatonyjmu1978 September 16, 2016
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a) the day we americans re-elected the asshole that killed off so many Iraqis and even our own soldiers

b) the day we americans re-elected the asshole who put us in the deepest national debt since the Great Depression

c) the day we americans re-elected the asshole who wants to merge church and state and is against 2 guys kissing but not 20 terrorists fucking up our nation

d) the day we americans did not elect the other idiot (kerry) who probably would have done just as bad a job but at least he wasn't a fucking right-winger

e) the day i almost shot myself, america is so stupid
i can't believe that all you fuckers listened to the goddamn ads that said to "VOTE BUSH: presidential election 2004". America's fucked. So next time, can we please elect billie joe armstrong? who has been running ever since 2000?
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The time when the American public must decide who they want to fuck up their country for the next 4 years.
Flip a quarter and vote accordingly...
by Godfather August 7, 2004
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The election

A 24/7 show on North American television where two lying, cheating and very rich puppets on strings try to persuade the dumbass inhabitant of the Unites States that the other puppet is filthy lucre. Astonishingly enough, those inhabitants actually believe what is said. The rest of the world is watching this puppet show in disbelief. One of the puppets on strings is the best liar and becomes President of the United States. There the winner-puppet will make sure that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and that the worlds natural environment gets polluted even more.
Puppet on strings demolishes our World
by EuropeanAndAstonished October 13, 2004
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The plural of the 2004 Presidential Election, of which we are sure to have more than one of.
"2004 Presidential Elections, third time's a charm! In other news, Kang and Kodos have entered the race!"
by tophertg July 7, 2004
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An election with two idiots running for president.
The year is 2060 and your grandchildren ask about the 2016 presidential election.

You: It was an election of two IDIOTS running for president

Grandchildren: Who did you vote for?
You: I was only 12...
You: I also forgot to mention some people thought out of the two running Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, that Hillary was a suitable choice.

Grandchildren: Why'd they think that?

You: Because she was a women.

Grandchildren: What? What does gender have to do with who will be a better president?

You: I never understood that idiotic logic...

Grandchildren: What about the other person ru-

You: You mean Donald Trump?

Grandchildren: Yeah what about him!
You: That guy wanted to build a brick wall along the boarder of Mexico and the United States and he said Mexico would pay for it.
Grandchildren: That seems really weird...

You: Yeah it was, and I haven't even told you what these two did that was so horrible that made them both horrible...

Grandchildren: Tell us!

You: Well that's a story for another time...
by ChrisAGuy July 10, 2020
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