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A person who has a blind, cult-like admiration of and devotion to the worst President in American history, Donald Trump. Trumpanzees verbally attack people who contradict their narrow outlook on life. If you argue reasonably against Trump's racist, xenophobic and misogynistic politics, you are called a snowflake. If you mention anything you've read in The New York Times or have seen on CNN, Trumpanzee would label it fake news.

Trumpanzees tend to be fat, pasty-faced high school dropouts who:
Live in the suburbs of Palookaville;
Read the National Enquirer and some fake news site that blames Obama for America's problems;
Watch Fox News, Maury, Jerry Springer and NASCAR;
Either work part-time at McDonald's or fake illness for a monthly check from the government;
Use bad grammar and frequent f-words on social media - then call other people idiots;
Pop out future McDonald's workers, carnies, pole and lap dancers, baby mamas and daddies, and other useless people; and
Often have a trailer full of kids with different fathers.

Trumpanzees are also known for their low IQs, almost laughable devotion to God, and getting their 15 minutes of fame on the People of Walmart website wearing either ridiculous clothes or nothing at all.
Somebody needs to build a wall around that trailer park outside town. Those Trumpanzees are a bigger threat to America than those Mexicans that the fat orange orangutan in Washington keeps talking about.
by The Real Canadian May 04, 2017

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Tomi Lahren is just another dumb blonde who has only gotten ahead in life because of her looks. She makes a complete and total fool of herself in public, saying stupid things that insult reasonable people. Tomi Lahren is proof that you don't need a brain to succeed on TV, just a pretty face, great legs and an empty head.
Every time he watches Tomi Lahren, my dirty old man for a grandpa gets a woody. If this keeps up, then I need to throw the TV set out.
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by The Real Canadian February 27, 2017

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Donald Trump's newest nickname, IQ45 is the combination of his ranking among American presidents and his supposed IQ - which is much too low to run a McDonald's let alone a country.
Most other American presidents could read a real newspaper; IQ45 could barely read The National Enquirer and would watch Fox News - they tell him exactly what he wants to hear.
by The Real Canadian January 20, 2019

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Nickname for Donald Trump, the illegitimate 45th President of the United States. Trump admits to not reading books (calling them elitist), enlisted poor Barack Obama to show him the ropes, bullies people, and behaves like a spoiled rotten brat who has never grown up. Dolt45 spends his idle time writing tweets that are unreadable and unpresidential.
Angela Merkel wonders how a jerk like Dolt45 ever got elected President.

With the money that Dolt45 spends at Mar-a-Lago each weekend, we could feed hungry kids and old people.

Dolt45 must have slept through civics classes in military school. He knows jack-shit about running a country.
by The Real Canadian March 19, 2017

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An Ontario quick lube and oil chain that has been known to scam unsuspecting drivers. It may offer a 10-minute oil change for $20, but upsell you with stuff you don't need. CBC program Marketplace nailed those skeezebags putting in oil and other fluids that could wreck your car, or not doing the job you paid them to do. Beware.
Want to wreck your new car? Take it to Economy Lube.

My brother is so dumb that he drove his truck to Economy Lube for an oil change. The grease monkeys who obviously got kicked out of a sketchy trade school put in the wrong fluids - and, now, my brother has to pay $4,000 for a new engine. Moron!
by The Real Canadian August 17, 2015

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Any person who has an irrational, deep-seated belief in God. Also known as a religious fanatic, they belittle the intelligent and reasonable person who tries to make them come to their senses:
God doesn't want you to enter a certain occupation. (What do they know?)
Doctors act like Gods. (Oh, puuulllleeeesse! Letting a child die of a curable illness or injury is not God's will, it's child abuse. Jail the poor kid's so-called parents, okay?)

Religious nuts frequently watch religious shows, and even donate their Social Security checks to the filthy rich televangelists who only worship the Almighty Dollar. They also attend church daily if they could, decorate their homes with religious symbols, only read the Bible, fill their kids' heads with lies about God and the world, call nonbelievers and anyone who tries to talk sense into them sinners, make more babies than they could afford, and say that God brought Donald Trump into the White House.

Religious nuts are hypocrites of the highest order. Some well-known religious nuts include crazy Margaret White from Carrie, the kids' vicious rich bitch grandmother from Flowers in the Attic, the Duggar family from 19 Kids and Counting, and myriad Trump supporters.
Religious Nut: "You want to go away to college, you little heathen? They will take you away from God. You will live in sin. You will go to Hell!"

Normal Person: "Oh, won't you just shut the hell up? If there is a God, He would give you free will."
by The Real Canadian April 01, 2017

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Don't take your car to this place. They will upsell repairs and services that you don't need - at inflated prices - using low grade parts that will wear out faster than you can say "rip off". Hires young, incompetent or dishonest grease monkeys who wreck your car inside out.
Crappy Tire told my old lady that she would have to pay $3,000 for repairs - and she only brought her car in for a stinking oil change. Scammers!
by The Real Canadian September 20, 2015

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