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A blowhard loudmouth conservative female whom after insulting people that did not agree with her during the election and rambling incessantly about her candidate, still wont shut the fuck up and continues to act like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum for days after her party loses.
Ann Coulter is a Republicunt.
by Jumpy from NY November 08, 2012
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Any female during the 2012 election that voted for Mitt Romney even though doing so would send her vagina back to the Stone Age.
"Barb voted for Romney? I hope she likes wearing a chastity belt for life. Stupid republicunt."
by Dark Dave December 14, 2012
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A woman with political power who, in spite of having said power, hates feminists or actively seeks to limit the rights of other women. Most republicunts are of the Republican persuasion. Obviously.

Sarah Palin claims to be a feminist, but her stance on abortion clearly marks her as a republicunt.

by Mad_Hell September 01, 2008
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Republicunts are corrupted members of the American Republican party that use their authority as elected officials to manipulate the system for their own benefit, as well as committing a whole host of other offenses which include, but are not limited to:
Meddling in citizen's personal affairs (i.e. gay marriage, the right to choose); defunding important public services and then ignoring the fallout that results from it; interfering with liberal business simply out of spite; doing favors for the rich and powerful at the expense of the middle class; and violating separation of church and state by allowing their religious convictions to influence their agenda.

Republicunts are detrimental to the welfare of our country and have only themselves and their cronies in mind. They are able to easily con the ignorant and narrow-minded which is how they're able to stay in office. A member of the middle class that votes for a Republicunt is actively voting against their own interests and well-being.
"Typical Republicunts; protesting a woman's right to choose yet they want to defund Planned Parenthood which offers contraceptives and safe sex education that actively helps prevent abortions in the first place!"
by Deodamnatus February 04, 2017
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