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A really hot German dude. Usually you'll meet him in a camp during summer.
Rachel saw Sally and said,

"look at that hot German dude. I'll bet his name is Malte"
by Psycho cat girl August 30, 2012
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A crazy German who is awsome at riding anything with wheels. A Malte is very fit guy who is always up for trying something crazy. He also has amazing hair that sometimes will vary from a mowhawk to pink spiky hair.
"We'll let Malte try that crazy jump so that we can laugh at him if he stacks!"
by fmxrider14 April 25, 2012
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a pure white kid that thinks he is black and hes from denmark
yo dog slice i am a malte and im really a white denmark kid
by tad soberto September 13, 2004
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When you are too Mainstream to be Alté but too Alté to be Mainstream
Her style can be described as Malté
by Catdevin December 22, 2018
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