Something you say when somebody says something retarded as fuck.
Joe: Yeetpacito Yeet Skeet Yeet!
John: Joe, Just look.
by UTOI July 24, 2018
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what you say to someone who's being really annoying, instead of saying "i wanna kill you".
originally from The Walking Dead season 4 episode 14 when carol tells lizzie to look at the flowers and shoots her.
carol: just look at the flowers, lizzie.
lizzie: *turns around and looks at the flowers*
carol: *shoots lizzie*

person: i hate the walking dead!! it's like really disgusting
twd fan: just look at the flowers, bitch.
by silverd0e March 22, 2014
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The expression on a person's face after having great sex. It's a smile that won't go away.
Alyssa met a new man tonight and came home with that just laid look.
by bangenhoffer May 11, 2010
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the messed up state of a girl's hair after intercourse.
Amy:Your hair looks awful
Jess:I know I've been upstairs with Dan
Amy:Aaah the just shagged look?
by chosongul October 25, 2006
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