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(British English slang):

adj: a jagged person, that is at times hard to get a long with.
even if my dad is not usually spiky, he does become spiky when he feels like pissing me off.
by sexydimma September 27, 2013
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1. When something has sharp things coming out of it

2.Horny for a makeout or kissing, but definitely not for sex.
Camper 1: "Oh crap a porcupine climbed in my sleeping bag last night"
Campler 2: "So?"
Camper 1: "So?! I sleep naked! Now my butt is spiky."
Camper 2: "That's gross"
Camper 1: "I know it hurts so bad"
Camper 2: "No that you sleep naked on a camping trip with only one other person in the tent. Me"

Kai: "Oh my god Evann I really want to make out with someone. It's like I'm horny, but not for sex. What is that called?"

Evie: "Oh thats called spiky."
by This_is_a_pseudonym May 10, 2009
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Adjective describing a white man with a straight-hair afro.
David hasn't cut his hair in a while, he's lookin pretty spiky!
by KF March 20, 2004
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