that sexy ass girl is impeccable and knows how to work it
by narcissistic April 4, 2006
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A person, no one can win from; totally perfect.
SYNONYMS: perfect, winner, non-peccable, best
a person can never be impeccable
by S42M June 5, 2016
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Garry plays minecraft and has like 60 hoes because of his impeccable taste in games
by CheezyClit69 January 1, 2021
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not peccable; something that you cannot peck
"Wow, look at Alyssa's work's so impeccable!!!"
by Alissa12345 December 31, 2007
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Incapable of a sin or wrongdoing
Thats is an IMPECCABLY large hickey you have there man.
by Brianne Rules June 17, 2004
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The quality of knowing how to offend and alienate as many people, in as short a time, as possible.
He was their new neighbor, so comprehensively offensive to everybody that within a couple of weeks of his arrival he was a laughing stock. No one wanted him there. No one was speaking to him, or ever would. He had trained hard to become what he was - impeccably ill-mannered. It was a talent given to few.
by Monkey's Dad May 10, 2021
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