Hottest females alive
blonde hair and everything great
That scandinavian girl is fine!!
by Margaret May 19, 2004
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People in northern Europe, stereotyped as being tall and feminine. The women are blonde and skinny. The men are tall and androgynous, and sometimes get mistaken for the women.
by randy blakewood July 9, 2011
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Good gods, look at all those hot, Scandinavian men.

I have a Scandinavian metal guy fetish.
by NoctisSaturnia January 20, 2009
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The act of a naked man wrapping his legs around a person's neck, causing them to suck his dick
Guy 1: Bra! Guess what I got to do last night with Sydney.
Guy 2: Don't tell me you already got a Scandinavian Headlock!
Guy 1: You guessed it bro.
by Milan the dude October 5, 2014
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A skateboarding trick, where you grab the board in a crab position, then flip the board 360. For added extra skill, the person on the board can pull his head through the legs with the hands whilst in mid-air and land standing flat.
Presenter 1

"And now on Extreme Sports, The Scandinavian Flip, presented by Rodney Cullen"

Presenter 2

"Totally. just look at the way he goes throught the legs to a total standstill. Spectacular."
by SummerOnions June 15, 2008
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A technique for getting your car sideways. While moving, turn one way then immediately turn the other way, thus unsettling the car and initiating a drift.
Tiff Needell shows us how the Scandinavian Flick is done in a BMW M Roadster when demonstrating the powerslide into a corner. He flicks left, then yanks the wheel right while balancing the throttle to keep the wheelspin between the spinout and gripping zone.
by Penguin636 November 16, 2006
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when you come up on an unsuspecting person, unzip your pants and plop your nuts on their forehead. You can also turn it into the Trojan war helmet, where you let the dick flop down and hit them in the nose. It can be also done willingly to a bitch who is trying to suck up on your dick.
my nigga k-sweezy was sleeping, so i blasted him wit the Scandinavian showercap
by Kelmonical October 13, 2006
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