Sends funny video MW Lmao so funny xd
by Orbitalcuneus August 3, 2019
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Used on social media platforms as an abbreviation for "matching with"
Did you see her twitter bio? She was MW Archer.
by hersheyas May 22, 2021
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modern warfare, a game in the call of duty line
1:oh shit, do u have MW2?

2: lets game this bitch up.

1: hook up the fucking internet cable

2:fucking shoot him

by best gameer in the world November 29, 2009
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Morning wood, an erection that is still raging after you've woke up
If i have MW i usually wait in my room and try to think about my granddad naked so my MW goes away
by tory borty May 7, 2013
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Abbreviation for Man Whore; derives from men who are complete whores (especially freaky rapist-looking men).
Meg: Yo, Travis is such a MW
Karen: Foreal, dannnng.
by meghan0nicole May 3, 2005
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A beautiful, sunny, warm (maybe even tropical) day, as in "Margarita Weather". Perfect for sitting on a shady porch with a view and sipping one's favorite icy beverage listening to some refreshing tunes.
Jack: sup at your place?
Jimmy: man, total MW here today, gonna hit the beach and then drinks at Fuzzy's.
by Tommy the Kid April 12, 2008
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a sign someone uses to represent the Midwest
Twista is one of the fastest rappers straight out of the MW.
by A.Botts September 20, 2005
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