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The undeniable personification of kindness. Meg stands for beauty, intelligence and humour. Not only is Meg a nice person, but she is an inspiration for others to pursue a path of reciprocal respect to all. Meg is capable of fulfilling gaps in your heart to the extent where her absence is a true instigator of depression. Nonetheless, due to her innate kind approach to all around her, she would never want anyone to experience a moment of unnecessary sadness. Meg is the girl who will offer you the world, without knowing that the only appropriate response is to reciprocate her actions to the fullest extent. If you are with a Meg the only reason you deserve the world is so you can give it to her. If one of your characteristics is standing in your way of being happy with her, do not make the same mistake so many men will, get rid of the characteristic not the perfect woman. If you run across a Meg, make sure to tell her daily "I love you Just the Way You Are".
Guy #1: Hey do you miss Meg?
Guy#2: All the time.
by speaking1the1truth1 March 30, 2019
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Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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Meg is the type of lady you'll very rarely come across. She is a one in a billion and you'll never ever want to lose her. Treat her correctly and she'll be yours forever. She may initially be shy but when she opens up to you, she'll be freaky.
Friend #1: I met 'Meg' the other day.
Friend #2: Aw dangit, I'm so jealous, she's a keeper.
by YeetKekCronk October 14, 2018
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A sweet girl that everyone loves to hang out with. They always have the best laugh!She's a jokester, who's not afraid to do a silly dare if given to her. Meg's are beautiful on the inside and out but they just don't realise it. Sometimes they're too busy thinking of what other people think them, which causes them to be sad. Meg's have the best laugh and they are always there have for you in tough times and happy times. They make the best friends in the world! Meg's are always up for a chat and will stay up late just to talk to you. So whenever you see a Meg, try and become friends with her or you won't know what true friendship is!
Person 1: describe your best friend

Person 2: she's beautiful, has the best laugh and is sooo funny
Person 1: she must be a Meg!
by Travelxx September 01, 2015
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meg may get you banned from the web, put that’s just a part of the package. you never know where meg is from, her accent changes on the daily. the only thing that stays the same is her asthma 🀧 make sure meg is taking her inhaler
meg: β€œi am the girl version of corpse, simp for me”
by MVGAIKE March 30, 2021
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One of the most beautiful, caring and compassionate humans on existence on the planet. Being a 'Meg' normally entitles greatness throughout life and brings success in the future. If you are not a 'meg' you need to change your name...
Wow look it's meg!!! 😍😍😍😍
by Upsidedownjellyfish April 18, 2015
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