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A sweet girl that everyone loves to hang out with. They always have the best laugh!She's a jokester, who's not afraid to do a silly dare if given to her. Meg's are beautiful on the inside and out but they just don't realise it. Sometimes they're too busy thinking of what other people think them, which causes them to be sad. Meg's have the best laugh and they are always there have for you in tough times and happy times. They make the best friends in the world! Meg's are always up for a chat and will stay up late just to talk to you. So whenever you see a Meg, try and become friends with her or you won't know what true friendship is!
Person 1: describe your best friend

Person 2: she's beautiful, has the best laugh and is sooo funny
Person 1: she must be a Meg!
by Travelxx October 15, 2015
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One of the most beautiful, caring and compassionate humans on existence on the planet. Being a 'Meg' normally entitles greatness throughout life and brings success in the future. If you are not a 'meg' you need to change your name...
Wow look it's meg!!! 😍😍😍😍
by Upsidedownjellyfish April 18, 2015
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The sort of poo you just can’t squeeze out. A stuck poo.
I have tried for a shit, it was such a M.E.G, bet it won't be out for days.
by Mickey Gat May 02, 2008
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A derogatory term referencing Meg Griffin from Family Guy. To call someone "Meg" is an insult.
Example 1:
Person you dislike: "Hi!"
You: "Shut up, Meg."

Example 2:
Friend 1: "She told me she wants me to role play and rape her"
Friend 2: "That's such a Meg thing to say."
Friend 1: "I know right."

Example 3: Friend jokingly slaps you and you say "Meg!".
by effinghetti March 30, 2011
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a slutty furry with no friends. she will sleep with anything that likes the taste of bologna, and anything that doesn't.
I slept with Meg, and she tastes like bologna
by anonfairy April 12, 2011
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