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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has the most amazing mind, but she wont show it at first. Shes been hurt, and knows what it feels like, so she wont do the same to you. If you do everything right, this girl will make u the happiest person in the entire world. Shes very outgoing, and very smart. Great sense of humor, and someone u can talk to about anything, because its likely she has been through something similar. She doesnt date alot or talk to alot of people, but when she finds the right one, she makes it count. She is very loving, and shows it when she feels comfortable enough.. but when she does feel comfortable in your relationship, its the greatest thing ever. Shes sweet, beautiful, fun to be around, and honestly just the most loving person ever, if the effort is put into her. She is an incredible kisser, and intense lover with a lil freaky side to her. Her name isnt simply just a cocktail you make.. Its much more than that. Its everything that u could ever ask for in a girl.. dont take her for granted..
Guy- hey whos that cute ass girl over there?

Me- her? thats margarita

Guy-ima go get her number
Me- ha you fuckin wish thats my cute ass little mexican ting
by weskavd ksg July 11, 2018
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Is the name of the most beautiful girl in the world,she's sweet,adorable,kind,loves to hug,funny,great to get along with and she can bake cakes better than Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker Combined.In short terms How can you not love her?!
Dude:Hey who's that girl?

Me:Oh that's Margarita

Dude: She's beautiful...she does look like Margarita

Me:I know dude, one day I will marry her!
by Burritau5 July 06, 2011
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A cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec (orange liqueur). Can be made "on the rocks" or blended with ice; the latter version is popular at parties.
Sheila came over and we made frozen margaritas.
by subhuman85 October 29, 2006
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a total insanely hott spanish girl. She is the girl every guy wants to date. She is your perfect spanish hottie.
dude 1: "Omg...did u see that girl"
dude 2: "yeah damn she is so fine."
dude 1: "yeah she's a total margarita."
by wordseup August 07, 2008
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a delicious alhoholic mexicana drink....ole...esta tiempo para fiesta!!! ayiayiyaiy
-hola pedro
-hola catalina...quises conmigo a la cantina para unas margaritas.
-si...a mi me amoro tu.
by Catalina pedro October 16, 2005
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Only the finest drink ever invented. Best served on the rocks, blended is for sissies. My recipe is so secret sometimes I don't even know it.
Diane was so horny after three margaritas that we did the nasty in her backyard.
by Chuck D. Bones April 15, 2010
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