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Is the name of the most beautiful girl in the world,she's sweet,adorable,kind,loves to hug,funny,great to get along with and she can bake cakes better than Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker Combined.In short terms How can you not love her?!
Dude:Hey who's that girl?

Me:Oh that's Margarita

Dude: She's beautiful...she does look like Margarita

Me:I know dude, one day I will marry her!
by Burritau5 July 06, 2011
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A cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec (orange liqueur). Can be made "on the rocks" or blended with ice; the latter version is popular at parties.
Sheila came over and we made frozen margaritas.
by subhuman85 October 29, 2006
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a total insanely hott spanish girl. She is the girl every guy wants to date. She is your perfect spanish hottie.
dude 1: "Omg...did u see that girl"
dude 2: "yeah damn she is so fine."
dude 1: "yeah she's a total margarita."
by wordseup August 07, 2008
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a delicious alhoholic mexicana drink....ole...esta tiempo para fiesta!!! ayiayiyaiy
-hola pedro
-hola catalina...quises conmigo a la cantina para unas margaritas.
-si...a mi me amoro tu.
by Catalina pedro October 16, 2005
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This is a totally sexy, young, blonde, beautiful girl that everyone loves! She is caring, sweet, has a cute laugh, and practically every guy is in love with her. She is athletic and has amazing talents in almost everything. She can be horny at times and does love her pleasures. Anything she wears makes her sexy and brings out her body.
Person 1: yo did you see that girl????
Person 2: yeah man... She's Margarita, I love her
by Housedog January 09, 2015
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Only the finest drink ever invented. Best served on the rocks, blended is for sissies. My recipe is so secret sometimes I don't even know it.
Diane was so horny after three margaritas that we did the nasty in her backyard.
by Chuck D. Bones April 15, 2010
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