extremly high heels usually worn by strippers and porn stars. possibly the sexiest invention ever.
I covered her with baby oil, and all she had on was a pair of black platforms!
by the pretender October 22, 2003
a kind of game genre in which you jump around for m platform to platform and usually kill stuff.
kirby is a platform game.
by mdemon9991 October 9, 2004
In Science Fiction, a "Platform" is usually considered a planetary orbital facility of some kind.
Sean One, Leader of the Free Orbital Platform movement.
by Kade January 30, 2005
The act of approaching someone from behind, and plopping one’s ballsack on their shoulder.
Ya bro, I heard John Hancock was platforming people when they signed the declaration. Should have been named John Hanballs.
by Bobby N SF July 14, 2018
A well known Minecraft Server Owner, Hacker & DDoSer.
Known for downing Arcane, Velt, Royalty,Crusade
User 1: Platform
by Dexter113 July 8, 2018
The act of getting so drunk, that you can't walk straight and fall (or nearly) of a train platform.
Hey bro, where did you end up last night?

Bro I was "platforming" last night and got locked up for being drunk and disorderly

Bro, you got "platformed" as!!!
by Steviej85 October 21, 2019
To straighten your hair using the Platform, or the Platform P2.
"Hey bz did you platform this morning?" "Yeah, did I do a good job?"
by Allama May 10, 2006