A comedy series on FX about Sterling Malory Archer, the bset secret agent in the world (supposedly), but in reality is a sex-hounding womanizing jackass that still kicks ass. All the main characters are employed by an agency called ISIS and have thier own vices. Gotta love it!
Me: "Hey did you catch Archer last night?"

Person: "Yea...all the characters are f@#*ed up! lol"

Me: "Haha I know right!"
by banan14kab February 10, 2011
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a cool kid that will own a lambo and is a total boss that will accomplish a lot. and has lots of friends but still has time for all of them.
did you meet that kid he is such an archer
yeah he was so nice
by RL Chuck Norris December 27, 2019
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Born on the first bay of archery season he is addicted to minecraft and loves fallout 4
Archer is a great person
by Peopleihavekilled March 26, 2021
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A guy who makes people laugh and often is kind of egotistical. He isn't exactly arrogant but he knows he is hot and looks good. Can be a player but usually a generally dorky kind of guy on the inside. If you meet an Archer, try to get to know him, it'll be worth your while.
Guy 1: Do you see that guy? He looks conceited.

Guy 2: Nah bro, he is just an Archer
by Nick Udelman December 10, 2013
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Archer is a caring and loving guy, be never fails to make you laugh even when your having a horrible day. (And hey his jokes aren't too bad😏) He'll always be there for you even when you don't deserve him❤.
Cupcake girl: Archer is charming 🥴
by Cupcake girl;) January 6, 2022
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Someone who is gay and probably not cisgender because the name is so random.
Have you heard about Archer? They came out as nonbinary.
by Arch that ass April 13, 2020
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The act of a girl jerking you off with the arches of her feet. Better known as a footjob.
Dude, this chick is down for anything. Last night she gave me an archer!
by OhhhDannyBoy February 15, 2012
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