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A comedy series on FX about Sterling Malory Archer, the bset secret agent in the world (supposedly), but in reality is a sex-hounding womanizing jackass that still kicks ass. All the main characters are employed by an agency called ISIS and have thier own vices. Gotta love it!
Me: "Hey did you catch Archer last night?"

Person: "Yea...all the characters are f@#*ed up! lol"

Me: "Haha I know right!"
by banan14kab February 10, 2011
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A guy who makes people laugh and often is kind of egotistical. He isn't exactly arrogant but he knows he is hot and looks good. Can be a player but usually a generally dorky kind of guy on the inside. If you meet an Archer, try to get to know him, it'll be worth your while.
Guy 1: Do you see that guy? He looks conceited.

Guy 2: Nah bro, he is just an Archer
by Nick Udelman December 10, 2013
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someone who is an expert in range attacks(preferably in piercing range attacks)like magically throwing swords for example but might also excel in close combat. It is inspired by Fate/Stay Night's archer class servants like Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh is an archer because of his Gate of Babylon range attack.
by Zacron-Wingsteed January 11, 2008
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The act of a girl jerking you off with the arches of her feet. Better known as a footjob.
Dude, this chick is down for anything. Last night she gave me an archer!
by OhhhDannyBoy February 15, 2012
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A wannabe cupid, a guy who believes they're a charmer but is in all honesty a pedophile and rather creepy. Can also be referred to as a Archer_k01.
Archer- "Hey gurl ;) U wanna Skype gurl?"
Girl- " . . ."
by TrollingCats March 04, 2015
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The Archer School for Girls is a private all girls school located in the exclusive area of Sunset Blvd and Barington Avenue. Most of the girls that attend are rich and slutty. The school contains a beautiful campus and requires a yearly tuition of around $30,000. The high school girls are pretty desperate, and pretty hott. The school is comparable to the other slutty all girls schools: Marymount and Marlbourough
Boy: " What school does your sister go to?"
Brother: " Archer"
Boy " So your sisters hott and a slut. Nice!"
by Allgirlsschools January 24, 2009
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