73 definitions by tory borty

pubic hair which is so long you can tie a ribbon around it
When he took his boxer shorts off the tail hair was so long, it was almost was as long as his penis
by tory borty November 16, 2013
She's a multisoul, so you may not actually be speaking to the real her.
by tory borty November 15, 2012
When an erection forms a tent-shaped bulge in your trousers due to an erection
Billy, do you mind belt-looping please? Your totally tenting right now and you need to put it away or i'm gonna puke
by tory borty August 28, 2013
a term to describe a follower of an Abrahamic religion, sometimes considered belittling
Why are Abrahamists so obsessed with Jerusalem?
by tory borty November 15, 2012
A man or boy who does not hide the outline of his erection or bulge when in public
I saw a caneman today in the middle of town centre and he had a huge tent in his pants. Everyone laughed.
by tory borty December 24, 2012
When you pinch your vulva making the clitoris protrude, and then stick your protruding clitoris into a lesbians vagina.
I was all wet and she decided to clit push me
by tory borty November 8, 2013
The greatest thing in the world

The most powerful thing in the world

the purpose of life
by tory borty December 31, 2013