76 definitions by tory borty

morning bulge; when you wake up and notice that your dick is poking your pants, thus forming a bulge
I don't get embarssed when my mom notices my MB coz its only natural and happens to all teenage boys
by tory borty May 07, 2013
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A penis thats so big it hides your navel
I asked me sister if i had a big dick. She said its a navel hider
by tory borty July 04, 2013
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The life froce was what preluded the big bang which was probably sparked from one of the other universes in our multiverse
The universe was created by a life force
by tory borty January 15, 2013
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For men it means Laughing My Testicles Off. For women it means Laughing My Tits Off
I was LMTO when he made popeye faces at me
by tory borty May 11, 2013
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The greatest thing in the world

The most powerful thing in the world

the purpose of life
by tory borty December 31, 2012
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abbreviation for morning glory; Morning glory means that you wake up with such a strong erection you have to walk in a slouched way.
When i have MG i tend to try avoid my family
by tory borty May 07, 2013
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That was really and truly a mobot what you did on the track
by tory borty December 20, 2013
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