73 definitions by tory borty

She's a multisoul, so you may not actually be speaking to the real her.
by tory borty November 15, 2012
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pubic hair which is so long you can tie a ribbon around it
When he took his boxer shorts off the tail hair was so long, it was almost was as long as his penis
by tory borty November 16, 2013
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A biased Christian point of view
Stop being so Christcentric. Many non-Christians also believe in God you know?
by tory borty November 14, 2012
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When you pinch your vulva making the clitoris protrude, and then stick your protruding clitoris into a lesbians vagina.
I was all wet and she decided to clit push me
by tory borty November 8, 2013
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When an erection forms a tent-shaped bulge in your trousers due to an erection
Billy, do you mind belt-looping please? Your totally tenting right now and you need to put it away or i'm gonna puke
by tory borty August 28, 2013
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a term to describe a follower of an Abrahamic religion, sometimes considered belittling
Why are Abrahamists so obsessed with Jerusalem?
by tory borty November 15, 2012
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A verb referring to when a male and female show their glanses to each other. The boy or man shows his penis glans and a girl or woman shows her clitoris glans. It is non-sexual and is done to compare or to see whether it is homologous. Its also done with an intent to emphasize the sexual ambiguity between genders and sexes. This psychologically brings males and females back to their fetal stage before the y chromosome caused sexual differentiation. It is also done by feminists who wish to declare the presence of a phallus.
Hey, guess what Chelsea and Bob were doing round the corner? They were glans matching.
by tory borty August 27, 2013
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