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World's fastest rapper. Can rap amazingly fast and has won competitions for his skills.
Have you heard that new Twista song? "Adrenaline Rush?"
by TSS April 19, 2003
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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illest, fastest rapper there is. one of the only talented ones left. Makes me wonder if he artificially speeds up his voice? i hope not
twista u told her right?
i could make u a celebrity overnight
by anon November 13, 2004
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The fastest rapper out there. Can rep a bar almost as fast as he can eat a candy bar.
Damn, i need some Twista lyrics cuz i can't understand anything he is saying.
by Outkast with a K November 22, 2004
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Most likely the fastest rapper in the world and has been known to spit out 11.2 syllables per second(amazing) yet he isn't hard to understand what he is saying when you listen to him.
You know that song slow jamz, it would have been garbage if it wasn't for Twista
by The Jet March 30, 2005
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