a sign someone uses to represent the Midwest
Twista is one of the fastest rappers straight out of the MW.
by A.Botts September 20, 2005
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1). When a girl is so hot and worthy of a good fucking, you would fuck her pussy into oblivion. Afterwords her pussy is completely and utterly mutilated, sometimes a pile of mushy uncooked flesh, aka Mutilation worthy.

2). When a girl is so hot, if you were ever given the chance to fuck her, you would fuck her pussy until it looks like it was mutilated
*hot girl walks by

Guy 1: Dude...MW
Guy 2: hell yeah dude I would MUTILATE THAT PUSSY!
Guy 1: fo sho
Guy 2: mmmmmmm MW pussy
by D3m0 September 10, 2012
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mw is an abbreviation of "My word!" often used when you're shocked at someone's stupidity.
bob: but he sed tht u wud du et
jon: mw you're retarded
by Oogzy October 15, 2011
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Common Typo in the best irc channel for mad.
<+iamraptorjesus> U MW? SOMEONES MW

<@JelloPudding> DSTR U MW!
by kollinsgay2 October 07, 2009
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morning wood
when a man wakes up from a good nite sleep wit a mad erection and prrly ebarrassed
dude charlies got a mw wood he must of had a good nite
by og dobson September 30, 2006
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mw is meant to be the word me, but, in todays fast paced society me is mistakenly typed in as mw
That looks like a great bar for mw to hang out at! i'd never leave!!!
by pkanma June 20, 2007
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This is a "crew" from ny that be the shizznit
Yo M-W in tha house bitches
by madvandl December 13, 2004
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