A joint venture of MSN and NBC. Broadcasts news on cable television and online. Competes with numerous news networks.
Should I watch CNN, ABC, or MSNBC?
by JWooden271 December 6, 2003
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A 24/7 cable news network. It is owned by Microsoft and NBC. The sister networks of MSNBC are: CNBC, Bravo, and NBC.
MSNBC the second best cable news channel on cable since CNN. Yes it is better then the stupid FOX News Channel too.
by Mike December 9, 2003
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Basically liberal Fox News, but somehow is even less factually accurate. Can’t make it through a segment without claiming racism.
“MSNBC says Kamala Harris’s low approval rating proves that America is racist.”
by TheThrongler November 20, 2021
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the Democrats' version of Fox News(according to Bill Clinton himself), albeit less entertaining and most exasperating since about 2015.

Studies show that MSNBC is the most opinionated 'news' network, BY FAR, which just reinforces that it's garbage
person x : FOX, MSNBC, or CNN?
any sensible person : PBS. I like watching news, not glorified propaganda.
by StarkGaryen April 7, 2021
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Operation mockingbird CIA deep state asset, Known for promoting left-wing conspiracy theories like Trump-Russian collusion.
Democrat sheep: MSNBC said this so it must be true!
by Misinformation Spreader May 21, 2023
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White, liberal, suburban moms that became political junkies during the Trump administration. Especially love Rachel Maddow.
Those MSNBC Susan’s loved Biden’s inaugural address.
by BandoIsBad January 25, 2021
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